Deaner: “I have something to prove”

Jan 17, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

“I have something to prove. I have proven that I can make people laugh and I can make people smile. I’m proud of that because not everyone can do that. That is a skill that is not appreciated enough in professional wrestling. Being able to entertain people in a certain way, in a funny way and make them smile and enjoy what they’re watching, it’s a very specific skill set. Unfortunately, if we’re talking the truth, that skill set does not make you a whole lot of money. You don’t make a lot of money and you’re not a top guy. There’s never been a top guy in the business where all they ever do is just comedy. There’s a lot of top guys that can make people laugh, but they have a lot of other things they can do as well. They can make you feel all types of emotions, and I am that guy. I’m a top guy that can make the audience feel more than just the fuzzies on the inside. I can make them feel a whole range of emotions and it’s time for me to prove that because I have that ability and I wasn’t able to show that before. That doesn’t mean I’m not proud of the fact that I can do that, but now it’s time to prove something and show that I have more to offer than to just make people smile.”

source: Wrestlezone

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