Wes Brisco Opens Up About his Engagement to Red Velvet

Jan 8, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck


On the latest episode of Brisco and Big Ace on VOC Nation, Wes Brisco spoke about his recent engagement to AEW star Red Velvet. Here are some highlights:

On announcing the engagement live on his podcast: “So we wanted to give some time for us to kind of soak some stuff in. I asked this lovely lady to marry me, and believe it or not she said yes. So now it’s official. It’s been official, but we wanted some time to think about it. So now we’re engaged…”

On his feelings toward her: “I wasn’t expecting to find the right person and it just kinda (worked). I was single for a very long time. I wasn’t looking for something and then we met, and then one thing led to another and then I just could not picture myself without her. It was just something that just leaped out of my heart, I knew that she was the one.”

On when and how he did it: “I did it over Thanksgiving and we had all of our family there. We had her mom there, I had my Dad, my Mom, my brother, she had her sister, and of course little Aubrey… It was a good opportunity to share our love with our family, and that’s kind of why we kept it quiet for a white. We just wanted us to enjoy us being engaged without the world knowing. Just our close friends and family, and just let it sink in and just enjoy it ourselves.”

Wes Brisco and Big Ace also covered all of the wrestling news that happened over the holiday season. Brisco and Big Ace drops every weekend, with the audio podcast exclusively on VOC Nation.

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