Impact Recap 1/5/20

Jan 5, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Match 1.  Blake Christian VS Ace Austin VS Crazzy Steve

Sorry for the late start.  Technical difficulties… Crazzy Steve hits a DDT off the top rope and hits another DDT on Blake for the win and he is in the drivers seat for the Super X Cup tourney.

Winner Crazzy Steve.

Sami Callahan has a promo backstage and he is shown in a computer room.  He is talking down Eddie Edwards and the fairy tail life he lives in.  Tonight he says he will end him.

Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone are back for another paid add to plug New Years Smash.  Snoop Dog will be in the house!  Shida, the Young Bucks, SCU, Darby Allen, Brian Cage, Sting, Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega Vs Fenix and the return of Jon Moxley will all featured tomorrow night’s edition AEW Dynamite.  Khan says he will be back with the 100 bucks his Grandmother gave him for Christmas to pay for another commercial

The Good Brothers and Kenny and Don Callus are back in the RV.  Don sets up the match with the Bullet Club teaming together against the Motor City Machine Guns and Rich Swann.  Kenny says they are Bullet Club and family for life.

Rhino and Cousin Jake are in the ring.  Jake is on the mic and he calls out Joe Doring and Eric Young.  EY comes out with Cody Deaner and Doring.  He says Cody now answers to him.

Match 2.  Cody Deaner and Joe Doring VS Cousin Jake and Rhino

Cody is all over Jake as the match begins.  He is like a pit bull.  The is kicking, punching and scratching his cousin.  EY stands outside proud and watches the action.  Doring tags in and lays in heavy forearms and a crossbody as we go to break.

Deaner continues on Jake as we are back from break.  EY is pleased, but not in a giving, fatherly way.. more of a madman way.  Rhino tags in and hits a belly to belly on Cody.  Jake only had a second off and Rhino tags him back in.  EY gets on the ropes and distracts the ref, Cody crotches Jake and hits a DDT for the pin.

Winners.  Cody Deaner and Joe Doring

Dreamer comes out to clear the ring of EY’s crew as they were laying the boots to Rhino and Jake.  Dreamer has a kendo stick and gives another to Rhino.  Dreamer challenges EY and his crew to a match at Hard To Kill.  NO DQ..   EY agrees with on behalf of his crew.

Mathew Palmer is interviewed backstage and he has a match tonight.  He is fighting for his career.  Moose stands in his way.  He only has to last 3 minutes to win the match.

Deonna Purrazzo (with Kimber Lee) is in the ring being cutting a promo on Taya Valkyrie.   She claims she is the Iron Man of Impact Wrestling.  Taya then comes out with Rosemary.  Taya says she is the longest reigning champion in Impact history, and she has never faced her.  Deonna tells her she lost to Jordynne Grace and her man left her.  lol.  Deonna says her time has come and gone.  Rosemary is losing.  Deonna says she will break her arm at Hard to Kill.  Taya tosses Kimber to the mat, than tells Deonna she is scared and worried she will be embarrassed.

Rohit is backstage with Chris Bey.  Rohit tells him he forgives him, but Bet says they won’t be even until he regains the X Division belt.  Rohit says they have a common enemy in Manik.  Bey says ok.. lets find him.  They find TJP on a couch.  They ask him if he as seen Manik.  TJP says he hasn’t seen him.  They challenge TJP and Manik to a match.  TJP says he and Manik don’t get along, but if he sees him he will let him know.

Rosemary is approached by Tenille Dashwood to become friends.  Rosemary is not interested.

Match 3.  Jazz and Jordynne Grace VS Havok and Nevaeh (women’s tag tournament)

This should be an absolute brawl!

Grace and Nevaeh start off for their teams.  Neveah and Grace feel each other out with headlock takedowns and reversals off arm twists.   Neither team can gain an advantage.  Havok tags in and hits a hard shoulder block.  Grace bails and tags Jazz.  This is the face off we have been waiting for.  Jazz says this is her house and invites Havok to trade blows strong style.  Jazz takes the advantage, but Havok whips her across the ring and hits a splash. Neveah tags in and they double team Jazz.  Neveah gets a two count.  Grace breaks up the pin.  Jazz regains control and Grace tags in.  Grace gets a two count on a stiff back elbow.  Jazz tags back in and stomps Neveah in the corner.  She then hits a double under hook.  She then tags back to Grace and they double suplex Neveah for a two count.

Jazz back in continues to muscle up Neveah.  She gets another two count.   Neveah strikes back and hits a neckbreaker.  Jazz is down, but Neveah is slow to make the tag, giving Grace time to get in too.  Havok hits a powerbomb off a back elbow.  Grace kicks out at two.  Jazz interferes and clears the ring.  Grace recovers and tags Jazz in legally.  Havok recovers and takes both out.  She hits a tombstone on Jazz for the win.

Winners. Havok and Neveah

Havok and Neveah will face Hogan and Steelz for the tag finals.

The MCMGs and World Champion, Rich Swann are interviewed back stage.  They say this time for them to defend Impact.  Swann specifically calls the Guns one of the best tag teams ever, and says he will be damned if someone from another company will come to Impact and steal their show.  Alex Shelley says they are going to the RV to let them know this is real….

The MCMGs and Swann go to the RV, but the Bullet Club attack them from behind.  They beat them down hard with Callus shoving the AEW World Title in Swann’s face.  The Smack talk is rampant.  Omega is really enjoying this.

Jazz is shown backstage with Grace.  Grace says she is sorry for leaving Jazz in the ring.  Jazz says she is happy to be part of Impact.  Grace says she still has it and out of respect she would love to face her partner in the ring this Saturday!

Father James Mitchell introduces a new Su Yung.. She looks like an attorney or a librarian… stay tuned.

Eddie Edwards is shown with his wife prepping for his match with Sami Callahan tonight.

Match 4.  Moose (TNA World Champion) VS Mathew Palmer

Palmer is a 10 year vet.  He says he is not just security.  He has 3 mins to last….

Moose takes a few punches and then hits back to back choke slams…  Palmer is looking defeated already.  Two minutes left and Moose looks like he is playing with Palmer.  Moose is maybe toying too much.  He has this match won.  He just wants to beat him.  He is absolutely killing Palmer.  He just was tossed across the ring and took a boot and powerbomb.  Moose is not covering him.. 20 seconds left.  Mack comes out and he is distracting Moose.  Moose loosed the match…

Winner.. Mathew Palmer

Ethan Page is shown on a couch.  He is talking to himself in both of his alter egos.  He is confused, but his karate side is saying he needs to be better.  His whinny side is just whining.  The Karate Page calls All Ego Ethan Page a bitch.  The two sides of himself square off.  The Karate Man (Page) says all his matches are in Kumatae.. They will fight at Hard to Kill.

Match 5.  Sami Callahan VS Eddie Edwards

The two don’t even get off the ramp with out fighting.  The battle is on and the match hasn’t started.  Callahan grabs a chair.  He misses with it wildly.  Eddie tries to chop Sami, but slams his hand on the steal post.  Eddie is down and Sami stands on his nether region.  Callahan puts a bat in the ring and goes back on the attack on the outside as we go to break.

The two are on the outside as we return from break.  They still haven’t got in the ring apparently.  Sami uses a wrench and chair on Eddie’s face.  Sami is cut open on the side of the face, but that doesn’t stop him from dropping Eddie on the ring apron on his back.  Callahan then throws a chair at Eddie’s face.  Sami’s tells him he is going to kill him.

Eddie fights back, but Sami dodges Eddie’s dive and Eddie twists his knee into a butchered chair.  Sami tosses him in and the match officially begins.

Eddie goes bezerk and starts hammering Sami in the corner.  Sami reverses and does the same in return to Eddie.  Eddie hits a boot to the face and Sami ignores it.  The ref loses it when they both gouge each others eyes and calls for the bell.


The fight is not ending though.  Edwards grabs the bat.  Sami tries to retreat up the ramp.  Eddie stalks his prey.  Sami gets out his phone and the tron shows Eddie’s wife in a cage trapped.  Eddie runs to the back with a bat.  He gets to Alisha and Shamrock jumps him from behind.  Sami and and Shamrock then tie Eddie up in barbwire.  Sami then hits him in the eye with a bat in front of Alisha as the show ends.


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