The Young Bucks On AEW’s Partnership With Impact Wrestling, Impact Dream Matches

Jan 2, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

Nick Jackson on the future of AEW’s partnership with Impact Wrestling:
“I don’t think there’s like a certain amount of time planned. I think it’s pretty much ‘Let’s see how this thing goes’ and if it continues to be hot, why stop it? I don’t think there’s an endgame on it yet. Obviously, there’s creative that we can’t talk about that we know about that will last a while, but I don’t know how long.”

Matt Jackson on their dream opponents in Impact:
“Can we make them happen? I don’t know, hopefully. I think it’s a good sign that things are going so well right now between the two companies. There are these things in wrestling you have to navigate. You have to navigate the politics of wrestling, and the timing and the storylines. Obviously, we’re thankful that we have the roles that we have, so we have a little bit of power in this situation. If we can make matches happen that we want, we’re going to try to get it to happen. It’s always been a dream of mine to wrestle the Good Brothers. We’ve never been in a situation where it would have ever made sense because we were always in the Bullet Club together. I think that would be fun.

And then, we haven’t wrestled the Motor City Machine Guns on television in a decade. That’s one that people pointed out as being one of our great rivalries, so I would love to revisit that and give people a series of matches. That would be amazing. I guess it depends on if we can work it out, but the fan in me is going, ‘Make it happen, make it happen.’ And then The North, those guys are awesome. We had a match with them like seven years ago on the independents and we tore it up. So, I would love to have a match with them on television. That would be fantastic. It’s exciting, and that’s what wrestling needs. We need excitement. ”

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