Mickie James Takes Exception with WWE Smackdown Ranking

Jan 2, 2021 - by James Walsh

Former WWE women’s champion Mickie James commented on a WWE SmackDown Superstar Tier list released by FOX Sports and written by WWE analyst Ryan Satin. The tier list ranks WWE Superstars from A+ all the way down to F. As Satin explained when the tier list was released, “These tiers represent how each Superstar is being used on TV at the moment – not level of talent.”

Mickie James was ranked in the lowest bottom tier, Tier F, which she spoke about yesterday on Twitter. James stated, “The only thing I’ve ever failed in was Trigonometry. #TrueStory also… who made this list anyway @WWEonFOX & please have them contact my agent. #ThankYou”

After Mickie James asked the WWE on FOX account who made the list, WWE on FOX confirmed that Ryan Satin made it. She later tweeted in response: “It’s ok! [laughing emoji] Apparently y’all missed the memo. I’m a Legend now! We shall say F is for Fanciest… clearly! In the future, if my name hits your lips make sure you put RESPECT on it. That’s all. Happy 202Won & I can’t wait to see you on Monday!!! #WWERaw #LegendsNight”

Later on, she added, “I forgot. Sarcasm & humor doesn’t always translate in tweets. My bad y’all! #calmdown [Toast] [Kiss]”

After a fan account tweeted that James said all the women in WWE are respectful, James replied that wasn’t true. She tweeted, “What? I’ve never said that! They are actually all(well for the most part (Squinting face with tongue) beyond respectful. They always have been. If anything I’d say it was this locker room who helped remind me of how much impactful my career has truly been… for all of us. [Kiss]”

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