Videos of Brodie Lee Jr. pinning Adam Cole, wrestling Top Flight

Jan 1, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

The WWE NXT vs. AEW rivalry has been settled.

Dr. Britt Baker took to Twitter this afternoon and posted a clip of her fiance, NXT Superstar Adam Cole, going at it with AEW’s Wrestler of the Week, -1 of The Dark Order, also known as Brodie Lee Jr.

The video shows Brodie Jr. hitting his dad’s clothesline on Cole, and then making the pin while others counted the 1-2-3. Brodie Jr. is then handed the AEW TNT Title belt that was retired after it was given to him earlier this week at the Celebration of Life. There’s no word on where the clip was filmed, but other social media posts indicate that several of the wrestlers may have been at the same New Year’s Eve party on Thursday night.

On a related note, Brian Pillman Jr. posted video of Brodie Jr. wrestling around with Top Flight at the same event. Pillman posted the footage to his Instagram Story, but you can see the clips below, along with Britt’s video:

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