Drew McIntyre reveals his 2020 match of the year

Jan 1, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

– During a recent interview with BT Sports, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre revealed that he believes Ilja Dragunov Vs. WALTER for NXT United Kingdom Championship was the best match of 2020. He said “I’ve got to give it to the lads. Walter and Dragunov. Sheamus and I sat and watched it… we were taken aback at how well it was done, and not only that, it wasn’t in the Thunderdome, it didn’t have the PC Trainees there. It was done like we did in the Performance Center at the height of the pandemic, with nobody there, complete silence, and it was a phenomenal match. Taking everything into account and the physicality of the storytelling, I’ve got to give it to the lads.”

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