Poll results: 2020 Year End Awards – Jabroni of the Year

Dec 31, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

2020 Year End Awards: Jabroni of the Year

Joey Ryan (31%, 133 Votes)
Vince McMahon (20%, 85 Votes)
Tessa Blanchard (17%, 73 Votes)
Lio Rush (6%, 26 Votes)
Matt Riddle (6%, 25 Votes)
King Corbin (5%, 23 Votes)
Pat McAfee (5%, 21 Votes)
David Starr (4%, 16 Votes)
Otis (3%, 12 Votes)
Dave Lagana (1%, 6 Votes)
Brandon Cutler (1%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 425

2 Responses

  1. Scott Porter says:

    It should not have been this close. AEW biased aside. He raped or messed with dozens of people that came forward. Then this pos denied it.

  2. Mark says:

    The right person definitely won the Jabroni of the Year award but Joey Ryan should have gotten more votes.

    Tessa shouldn’t even have been as high on the list as she ended being seeing as what Joey Ryan did was much much worse.

    Honestly I feel it should have been more a 2 horse race between Joey Ryan (Rapist) & Vince McMahon (Vince’s attitude to the Coronavirus Pandemic even though the pandemic was and still is killing people worldwide).

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