Natalya Renames Her Finishing Move After Brodie Lee

Dec 30, 2020 - by James Walsh

Natalya is redubbing hr spinning lariat in honor of Brodie Lee. The WWE star took to Twitter on Tuesday night to react to a post by Big E. remembering the late AEW and WWE star, in which E. noted Lee’s joking feuds backstage with the WWE women’s division.

After E. wrote, “Brodie’s comedic rivalries with the women always got me good. He borrowed Dana’s poses, claimed [Natalya] stole his spinning lariat and Michinoku Driver,” Natalya retweeted it and said:

“This made my day. I’m gonna rename the spinning lariat after Brodie…”

Natalya’s spinning lariat is known as the Nattie By Nature, at least up to this point.

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