Impact Results 12/29/20

Dec 29, 2020 - by Scott Porter

IMPACT Wrestling “Best of 2020 – Part Two” Results (12-29-20)

Show Opening

The Impact opening credits end as we head into the Impact Wrestling “Best of 2020 – Part Two” episode on Twitch and AXS TC. Scott D’Amore and Josh Matthews sit in front of a Christmas tree with decorations around them as they sit by a fire. D’Amore jokes that Matthews got coal for Christmas.

They then move on to discuss upcoming events such as Hard To Kill on Saturday Jan. 16th where AEW World Champion Kenny Omega is set to challenge the Impact World Tag-Team Champions The Good Brothers. Also set for Hard to Kill is Impact World Champion Rich Swann vs. Motor City Machine Guns, all that and more in January! Matthews sends us into a video package as he says the entire show, could be considered the “Moment of the Year”, Slammiversary.

Video Clip

We then look back at The Moment of The Year, Slammiversary. The Motor City Machine Guns return to Impact during the event and we see as they leave Slammiversary victorious. Next the surprise appearance as Raju Rohit is dropped in the center of the ring. The former X-Division Champion Rich Swann off of crutches and also Erick Young’s return as well as elimination. The Good Brothers leave their “impact” on Slammiversary as well.

2020 Resolution – X Division Championship – Willie Mack vs. Ace Austin (c)

Willie Mack’s New Year’s resolution was to keep wrestling, see the world, and keep doing what he’s doing.

Back in the studio, Scott told Josh his resolution is to be nice to him… Not! And Josh pointed out that was Scott’s resolution last year.

Video Package

Next we head into a video package highlighting the 2020’s Rebellion match between Willie Mack vs. Ace Austin To end the match, Mack climbs to the top rope. Austin rolls away. Mack instead flies across the ring with a Coast-to-Coast. Mack heads to the top again. He flops down with what would have been a six-star frog splash, but Austin moves out of the way in time. Austin turns Mack around and goes for a pin. The referee notices Austin put his feet up on the middle rope and stops the count. Austin and Mack meet at the second and top rope. Austin slips under. Mack flies high and on top of Austin with the six-star frog splash. Mack covers right away, and becomes the new X-Division Champion!


Deonna Purrazzo accepts Taya Valkyrie’s challenge

We returned to Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan saying their New Year’s resolution is to have the Knockouts Tag Team Championship around their waists.

After a back and forth between Josh and Scott about previous Knockouts tag teams, they talked about Taya Valkyrie and Deonna Purrazzo.

Purrazzo Responds To Valkyrie

Next we head to Deonna Purrazzo who is standing in wait as she finally gave her response to Taya Valkyrie’s challenge for the Knockouts Championship. Purrazzo states that though she doesn’t bother with peasants…. there’s something about the match that interests her. Hmmmm… After that, she said that if she can go toe to toe with Valkyrie, it’s because she’s laying the foundation to what she’s building.

And if she can beat Valkyrie, she can be the longest reigning champion. She then accepted to face Valkyrie at Hard To Kill.

Rich Swann’s Rollercoaster 2020

We take a look at Rich Swann’s rollercoaster of a year in 2020, but he then added his resolution for 2021 is to help bring Impact to the highest level.

Video Previews

Once again, we are welcomed back by Josh and Scott. They then begin to share previews of some of the matches for next week’s Impact Wrestling.

They talked about Rich Swann’s 2020 struggles starting with a severe injury in January and how it nearly ended his career.

Rich Swann discusses EY’s health turn and jealousy next.

Jordynn Grace’s Resolution

Jordynn Grace said her resolution is to respond to people on Twitter less. Given social media, this isn’t the worse idea as a few can ruin it for everyone.

We head back to Josh and Scott who are in conversation about talked about the Motor City Machine Guns and what they mean to wrestling.

Tag Team Championship – The Motor City Machine Guns vs. The North (c)

This match was on Impact Wrestling after they arrived at Slammiversary, and it was one of the best matches of the year as the two best tag teams faced off.

Back Inside The Studio

In the studio, Scott described how the North is like FTR as a throwback team, and their style with the MCMG’s rapid fire style made for a great combination.

Credit Rajah News for the recap.

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