Sting on Vince McMahon’s Reaction To His Signing With TNA, How He Ended Up Going There

Dec 27, 2020 - by James Walsh

Sting looked back on his career and recalled Vince McMahon’s reaction to his going to TNA on the AEW Unrestricted podcast. The Icon ended up having a sizable run in TNA before he ever ended up in WWE, and he discussed how that came about and what McMahon told him when he said he was going to the competition. You can check out the highlights and full audio below:

On how he ended up working for TNA: “I was called by — it’s funny, Jerry Jarrett’s son Jeff. By Jeff Jarrett. So you know, the guy who gave me my break originally, Jerry Jarrett; his son Jeff, all those years later, has struck some kind of deal with Dixie Carter. And he called and said, ‘Hey, would you wanna come and just do a show?’ And I did one, and [they said], ‘Do you wanna do another one?’ ‘All right.’ And then it was like, ‘Could we get you to sign a deal and maybe do something with us?’ I said, ‘Ahhhhh, I really don’t wanna –,’ you know. And it took some twisting really of my arm at the time to do it, but I decided I was gonna do it.”

Sting on Vince McMahon’s reaction to his going to TNA: “Vince was in the picture once again during that time. I’ll never forget, you know, I’m talking to him on the phone. [chuckles] I said, ‘Vince, I’m gonna go to TNA.’ And he said, ‘The thought of you and the legacy that you leave behind, and you going to TNA is just, blegh!’ He literally said, ‘Blegh.’”

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