NBA fans troll Chris Jericho on Twitter for looking out of shape

Dec 24, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

There’s certainly a lot of new people on Chris Jericho’s list after yesterday as NBA fans trolled the former AEW champion on Twitter for looking out of shape.

Jericho ended up being the butt of jokes online by basketball fans who stuck around to see the opening of Dynamite which included the Jericho and Hager tag match against Top Flight.

“Man, what the hell happened to Chris Jericho?! LMAO,” tweeted one user, posting a screen grab of Jericho from the match. “Damn. Chris Jericho built like a baby mama,” continued another one.

Another Twitter user posted a side-by-side photo of Jericho, aged 50, and Ken Shamrock, shredded with a six pack at age 56. Another one posted a meme of “how it started” and “how it’s going,” with an in-shape Jericho from early 2020 to a photo from his match last night showing a clear difference.

“Bro what happened to Jericho!?! He got a dad bod now,” exclaimed another user. “Bruh what is Chris Jericho doing on this bootleg AEW Wrestling league…and why wrestlers bodies fall off so bad?” another NBA fan wrote.

The body-shaming did not stop there though. “Chris Jericho a king in this knockoff WWE huh?” one guy added. “Celtics win and Chris Jericho is fat, good vibes only,” said another tweet. “Chris Jericho looks awful” and “Chris Jericho fat as hell” were also tweeted.

But the in-ring veteran had others who came to his defense too, one asking if anyone else can do the Lionsault at age 50. “I hate that @IAmJericho is trending the way he is,” another person wrote. “Yes, Chris Jericho is getting old and putting on some weight. It’s not stopping him from doing lionsaults as if it was 20+ years ago. He loves wrestling and he’s damn good at it, even at 50 years old.”

There were thousands of tweets on Jericho and his name was trending worldwide. They say there’s no such thing as bad advertising but Le Champion might have something to say when he sees his Twitter feed today!

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