WWE Reportedly Negotiating Settlement On ‘Stone Cold’ Trademark

Dec 23, 2020 - by James Walsh

Photo Credit: WWE

WWE found itself in a legal dispute back in October regarding Kansas City Chiefs star Chris Jones and his ‘Stone Cold Jones’ soda company, with WWE claiming that the usage infringed on their copyright for the ‘Stone Cold’ and ‘Stone Cold Steve Austin’ trademarks. Heel By Nature has new details on the trademark dispute between the two parties.

According to the site, WWE is currently in the process of negotiating a settlement with Stone Cold LLC, which is the company owned by Jones.

Heel By Nature reports that WWE filed a motion with The United States Patent and Trademark Office Trademark and Appeal Board on Dec. 15 to suspend the trademark proceedings.

The reason for the filing is that it will allow WWE and Stone Cold LLC to work on reaching a settlement agreement within the 30-day window of the suspension parameters.

If the two parties are unable to reach a settlement on the trademark usage, the case would then continue on Jan. 15.

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