AEW Dynamite Report, 12/23/20

Dec 23, 2020 - by Scott Porter

Tonight’s episode promises to be a great kick off to this Holiday Weekend!  Tony Khan has invited Don Callus to join Kenny Omega at tonight’s show.   Khan also asked anyone wrestler who wants to join the fun from Impact Wrestling to head over as well.  Stay tuned!  You will find all the coverage right here on this thread.

Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone are on the call for tonight’s action.  Welcome to Holiday Bash!

Match 1.  MJF and Chris Jericho (with Jake Hager) VS Top Flight

Darius Martin starts the match backing Jericho in the corner, but Jericho muscles him across the ring.  Martin connects with a dropkick and makes the tag.  Donte briefly has an advantage, but Jericho pulls him to his corner and tags MJF.  MJf does his best to embarrass Donte, but gets dropkicked from the ring.  Jericho and Darius enter and the four now are now all pounding on each other in opposing corners.  The brothers get the best of the exchange. and Jericho and MJF run for the safety of the arena floor.

On the outside, MJF hits Dante with a stiff right hand and Darius is held off by Hager and Jericho as MJF chokes him.  Donte is then tossed back in the ring.  Jericho snap mares Donte and poses while standing on him.  Donte fights his way to his feet, but gets suplexed for his effort.  MJF tags back in and gets flap jacked.  MJF steps on Donte’s neck as he tags back to Jericho.  Jericho distracts the ref, as Hager and MJF work Donte’s neck over on the ropes.

Jericho sets Donte up on the rope for a Superplex, but he knocks Jericho off and hits a super high Crossbody for a two count.  Darius tags in and hits a standing Spanish Fly.  He then hits a Missle Drop Kick, from the top rope for a two count.  Donte tags back in and they hit a beautiful tandem move into a Okada Roll for a two count.  MJF recovers and hits a powerbomb and tags to Jericho, who hits a Lionsault but gets cradled out of a Liontaimer for a two count by Donte.

Jericho is frustrated and embarrased.  He pushes Darius to his corner and now he and MJF punish Darius with kicks and punches.  Darius gets set up for a double suplex, but turns it into a DDT on MJF and Jericho.  Darius then clears Jericho from the ring and lays out MJF with a clothesline.  He sets up next for a springboard dive to MJF, but Hager grabs his legs.  Jericho and Donte are down on the outside.  MJF hits a Heat Seaker Piledriver for the win.

Winner MJF and Chris Jericho

Hager grabs the mic and says congrats to Jericho and MJF.  He says everyone on the Inner Circle is doing their job except Wardlow.  He calls him out, but Wardlow is out of town.  Hager calls him an asshole.  He then says Tony Khan has set up a match between he and Wardlow next week.  Hager than walks off leaving MJF and Jericho looking confused and concerned.

A rap video vignette by the Acclaimed, called Buck Hunt airs next.  The song is basically a warning they are going to take out the Bucks tonight and win the World Tag Championships tonight.

Tony Schiavone introduces Sting to the arena.  Sting enters and walks to meet Tony in the ring, while taking in the cheers from the crowd.  Tony asks him how this feels to be back on TNT.  Sting says he has come full circle.  He says he is glad to be a part of the show.  Darby Allen is shown in the stands briefly.  Sting recollects about talking to Dusty Rhodes when he was in the beginning of his career.  He does a spot on impression of Dusty, telling him how they were going to put him in the ring with Ric Flair.

He says he had to be a part of the company that Dusty’s son is in charge of.  He then started to mention Darby… but Tazz enters with his crew.  Tazz says Sting is only so big because Schiavone built him up, implying he is overrated.  Team Taz then come closer to Sting from the stage, but Darby runs the ring with his skateboard.  Tazz says that is fine. On Jan. 6th Brian Cage and Darby will face off for the TNT Championship.  Cage has to be asked to leave.  Darby and Sting have a stare down as the segment ends.

MJF is shown backstage with Santana and Ortiz.  He tells Ortiz he knows he just lost a family member and he says he is there for him.  MJF says he lost his Grandfather to cancer too recently.  Both Santana and Ortiz shake MJF’s hand and walk off showing respect.  MJF wipes the sadness from his eyes as they leave.

Match 2. Colt Cabana, #5, and #10 (along with the Dark Order) VS Jurassic Express

Marco and Colt will start off for their teams.

Colt plays with Marco like he is a toy, but gets ranna’d off his feet.  5 tags in and immediately gets double teamed by Marco and Jungle Boy.  Jungle Boy gets a few pin attempts off rollups, and tags back to Marco. 5 pushes Marco to his corner and Colt tags back in.  Marco slips away and tags in the Luchasaurus.  10 tags in and gets manhandled for his efforts with several chops.  Marco and Jungle Boy both get slammed on 10 by Luchasaurus for a two count.

Colt interferes on the outside giving 10 time to gain an advantage as we go to break.

The Dark Order maintained control during the commercials, but Jungle Boy hits a desperation clothesline and makes a tag to Luchasaurus.  5 tags in and gets clotheslined from the ring to the apron.  10 tries to help, but does nothing.  5 enters and immediately gets leveled and takes a standing moonsault from Luchasaurus.  Colt then takes a spin kick.  Marco tags in and 10 levels him from the outside apron.  5 takes out Luchasaurus on the outside using the cornerpost.  5 got a two count on Marco,  but Jungle Boy made the save.  Marco tags Jungle Boy.  Luchasaurus tosses Marco onto Colt and 10 on the outside.  Jungle Boy hits a Powerbomb on 5 and gets the pin.

Winners.. Jurassic Express.

They celebrate in the ring.  Tony is heading to the ring for an interview.  He says they are now the 3rd ranked team in AEW.  Tully Blanchard is shown on the jumbotron with FTR.  He says the Jurassic Express want to make a name for themselves, well they now have a match on Jan. 6th with Luchasaurus and and Jungle Boy.  Tully says he will take out Marco if he needs too.

Don Callus and Kenny Omega are found by Alex Marvez at their hotel.  Callus says in 30 years he has never seen so many wrestlers run around like they run the show.  He blames Tony Khan for this lack of leadership.  Kenny then goes after Pac and Fenix.  He says they both have done nothing but choke all year.  He tells Fenix is going to beat his brothers ass earlier this year, but he may take him out all together.  He tells Fenix he gets hurt.  Omega gets titles.

Match 3.  The Butcher (with the Bunny and the Blade) VS Pac (and Death Triangle)

Eddie Kingston joins the announce booth.  He immediately takes jabs at Schiavone.  I love when he does this.

Butcher tosses Pac to the ring, but Pac runs in and out faster than Butcher can keep up with.  Pac eventually catches him with his version of YES kicks.  Butcher charges Pac who runs the ropes and crossbodies him to the shock of everyone after the stiff kicks.  Kingston continues to insult Tony at the announce table.

Butcher beals Pac across the ring.  Kingston makes fun of Excalibur for reading notes, and says he needs nothing because he is great like JR.  lol

Butcher snaps Pac’s neck so hard, the official is concerned for him.  Pac continually tries to get up, but gets knocked off his feet.  Pac is able to roll out of the ring, but gets punted by the Butcher on the outside.  Vicious kick.  Wow.  We go to break.

Pac hits a chin breaker and Pac begins kicking the shins of Butcher.  Pac is hurt, but climbs the ropes.  Eddie continues to call Tony a hack.  Pac hits a missle dropkick.  He then climbs the ropes again, but Blade interferes.  Butcher then hits a big clothesline, chokeslam and a powerbomb for a two count.  WOW.  Butcher looks like a monster tonight.  He argues the call with ref.

Butcher pics up Pac slowly.  Eddie tells him to hurry up and heads to the ring, out walks Lance Archer.  Eddie runs back behind the announce table.  Butcher is distracted and Pac, who connects with a stiff round house kick.  Pac climbs the ropes and hits the Black Arrow for the win.

Winner.  Pac

Archer enters and confronts Pac.  Kingston gets back on the mic and says they will never get the King.  Then he leaves.  Archer threatens Pac and leaves.

Backstage Jade has a message for Brandi Rhodes.  She says it is convenient she is pregnant now that she has shown up.  She wants a match with someone.  The language is colorful.

Tony is in the ring with Mero, Kip and Penelope.  Kip tells Tony their wedding will be the biggest wedding in the history of wrestling wedding.  He says he knows how excited the fans are to see the wedding.  Kip announces the date of the wedding is …. Just then Best Friends and Orange Cassidy’s music hits, but they don’t show up.  Kip and Mero start laughing and show a video of one of the Best Friends being taken out in a ambulance.

They then say the wedding will be held at Beach Break on Feb. 3rd.

Match 4.  Dustin Rhodes (With Lee Johnson) VS Evil Uno

Uno attacks Dustin before he hits the ring.  Dustin recovers and punches and stomps Uno, but Uno connects with a dropkick.  The match goes to the outside and they trade chops.  The temp is 37 degrees and these slaps are stinging for sure.  Back in the ring, they just continue to punch each other and rake eyes.  Dustin seems to have a slight advantage so far, but this is a snug contest.

Uno hits a pump kick and climbs the ropes and hits a senton for a two count.  We go to break with Uno stomping on Dustin’s fingers.

We are back and Uno lands a Piledriver, but Dustin kicks out at two.  Uno apparently has injured his hand.  Dustin begins a comeback with punches and then a big boot off the ropes.  Dustin is good in the ring.  Dustin hits a running bulldog after uno misses a splash.  He gets the pin.

Winner.  Dustin Rhodes.

Post match, Uno is trying to recruit Dustin to the Dark Order.  Stu Grayson attacks Dustin after Dustin refuses to join.  QT Marshall tries to make the save and gets taken out.  Lee Johnson dropkicks both Grayson and Uno from the top rope and they bail as the segment ends.

Backstage Tony Schiavone is with Shawn Spears.  Shawn tells Tony he left New York (WWE) because he wanted to prove he is better than anyone in any promotion.  He says he is not going to let that happen again.  For 18 months he has been undervalued by Tony Khan and Cody Rhodes.   Tony says the common denominator in the failure is you Shawn.  Spears becomes irate and starts cussing at him.  He leaves and says he will come back to AEW if he feels like it.

AEW Women’s World Champion, Hikaru Shida is interviewed backstage.  Before she can speak she is attacked by Abadon.  Shida appears to be ok.

Match 5. AEW World Women’s Champion, Shida VS. Alex Grassia

Alex is coming off a win on Dark last night.  She hits a dropkick to start the match, but Shida kicks her out of the ring.  After tossing her back in, Shida gets a two count.  Grassia gets a two count after a few punches and a basement dropkick in the corner.  Shida hits a delayed vertical suplex.  Shida then hits a knee lift to Alex’s head that is draped off the apron.

Abadon is then seen outside the ring.  Shida attacks her and almost gets counted out.

Shida hits a back breaker and Falcon Arrow and gets the pin.

Winner.  Hikaru Shida

Shida takes the kendo stick and goes back to Abadon on the outside.  Abadon fakes injury and attacks Shida.  Abadon then starts biting the neck of Shida.  Shida is bleeding heavily as we go to break.

Match 6.  AEW World Tag Team Champions, The Young Bucks VS The Acclaimed, Castor and Bowens

Castor comes out rapping.  The Bucks enter and the Acclaimed watch as the champs come in.

Castor and Matt Jackson start off.  Castor and Jackson trade arm twists and elbows.  Jackson hits a dropkick and a deep arm drag.  Nick tags in as does Bowens.  Both teams enter the match and the Bucks send the Acclaimed running to the outside.  The Bucks then take to the air to the floor, and follow it up tossing both of the Acclaimed into the barricade.  They hit Risky Business on Bowens and toss him back in the ring.

Nick hits a double foot stomp of the top rope.  Matt tags in and gets his feet taken out by Castor from the outside.  Castor and Bowens trade quick tags and lay in some offense, until Nick comes in and takes everyone out.  Nick is poetry in motion.  He absolutely cleans house, but misses a senton.  Bowens lays in the boots as we go to break.

We are back and the Acclaimed have the Bucks in trouble.  They are taking turns running elbows into Nicks face in the corner.  Nick sneaks away and tags Matt.  Matt hits a double DDT.  Castor gets kicked in the face by Nick on the outside.  Matt hits The Locomotion Suplex set and then locks on the Scorpion Death Lock.  Castor breaks up the hold on Bowens just enough so he can get to the ropes.  Nick then knocks Castor to the outside and he locks on the Scorpion too.

Bowens gets caught in Dooms Day Device, but kicks out at two.  The Bucks both go to the top.  Castor knocks off Nick and Matt is tossed to the outside.  Nick gets superplexed.  Matt makes the save or that would have been a title change.

Nick makes the tag to Matt.  Castor is in as well.  Matt hits a superkick.  All four enter the ring and Nick takes out the ref with a superkick.  Caster hits a low blow and  levels Nick with a boom box.  Another ref comes out, but Nick kicks out.  Nick superkicks Bowens into Matt’s arms for a powerbomb threw a table on the outside.  Nick hits a superkick on Castor in the ring.

Matt re enters and they hit the BTE Trigger for the Win.

Winners and still AEW World Tag Team Champions, The Young Bucks






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