Impact Wrestling, 12/22/20 Impact Year End Awards

Dec 22, 2020 - by Scott Porter

Will Kenny Omega and Don Callus invade the Impact Zone again this week?  Please check back for all your news.  The reunion of the former Bullet Club members (Omega, Gallows and Anderson) has been interesting to say the least.  Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone have both made appearances on the last two episodes as well.  Will they have another paid for commercial for AEW?  Check back early and often.

Tonights show and next week will be a best of recap of the best of last year.  That doesn’t mean we won’t have an appearance of live interviews.  We will have to see.  Scott D’Amore and Josh Mathews are sitting fireside to set the table for the show.

Match 1.  Hard to Kill PPV.. Trey Miquel VS Ace Austin for the X Division Title

A live crowd was in attendance for this match.  It seems strange to see that actually.  Ace Austin is the champion at the time of this PPV.

Austin retains.


Chris Bey is shown backstage.  Rohit is with him.  Bey tells him he is joining the match with Rohit and Manik for the X-Division Title on January 16th at Hard to Kill.

Ace Austin is named X Division Wrestler of the Year.  He accepts the award, but says he was only in the X Division for four months.  He then says who else could you pick, he is the best.  He says he may have to return to the division.

Brian Myers makes the quick statement saying he is the best thing that happened to Impact in 2020.

Slammiversary is mentioned and highlighted for it’s impact it had on the year.  There is a clip that airs about all the matches that were happening at the card.

Josh and Scott are back and talking tag team wrestling.  D’Amore mentions all of the teams from yesteryear and how it is even better now than ever.

Turning Point.  The North VS The Good Brothers for the Impact World Tag Championships.

The North are the champs, but the Good Brothers win the belts.

Winners.  New Champions, The Good Brothers

D’Amore says it was no surprise the Good Brothers won the belts.  They won belts everywhere and they are standing on top.

Impact Tag Team of the Year.  The North!

Ethan Page is shown talking to Josh on the phone.   Page is very complimentary and excited they have won the award two years in a row. They hang up and Josh seems interested in regaining the belts with his partner.  Josh calls him back and Page’s karate alter ego answers the phone.  This makes Josh’s eye twitch with anger and he hangs up on him.

Impact World Champion, Rich Swann is backstage strumming a guitar.  He says he likes to drink egg nog at his house over the holidays.

30 Min Knockouts Ironman Match..  Jordynee Grace VS Deonna Purrazzo from the Emergence PPV

This was the first match of its kind.  Deonna retained the championship in this tremendous match.

Winner Deonna Purrazzo

Taya Valkyrie is shown backstage.  She says Deonna says she is lucky she hasn’t faced her yet.  She tells Deonna she will clear her calendar for Jan. 15th at Hard to Kill.

Knockout of the Year.  Deonna Purrazzo.

She goes over all her accomplishments in the last few months.  She says nobody in the division is in her league.  She doesn’t mention Taya at all.  Hmmm.

Scott and Josh are back.  They continue talk about the uptick Impact is on.  Sami Callahan is mentioned next we get a vignette about the feud between he and Eddie Edwards, and what Ken Shamrock had to do with it.  The next chapter will be on Jan 5th on the first Impact of the year!

Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan share their family holiday traditions for the camera.

Bound for Glory.  EC3 VS Moose for the TNA Championship

Moose wins the bloodbath and retains the TNA Championship.

The build between Rich Swann and Moose is highlighted.  Moose has taken to beating up security to make himself feel superior.

A Super X Cup Tournament is announced.   This will begin at Genesis in Jan 9th!

Acey Romero is seen visiting Larry D in jail.  Larry says he is trying to get him out of jail.  Acey told Tommy this is a scam and he was framed.   They think Crazzy Steve is the attacker of Johnny Bravo.

A clip of the Who Shot Johnny Bravo at the Wedding airs next.

An AEW commercial airs next.  Tony Shiavone is with Tony Khan.  Tony Khan goes over how he owns so many things in Nashville, where they are at now.  He is coming off as a heal.  Tony says he has the power to stop Kenny Omega from wrestling on the PPV Hard to Kill.  He says he won’t, but invites Impact wrestlers to AEW Dynamite tomorrow.  Next Tony says it might be time to steal some of the tag teams off Impact with all his money.

Eddie Edwards talks about his holiday traditions next.

A vignette detailing EY, and what he did to beat Eddie Edwards and injure Rich Swann on his way to winning the Impact World Championship.  Ultimately the vignette details the Rich Swann gaining revenge and  winning of the title from EY.  Joe Doring, a Triple Crown Champion in All Japan Wrestling, has joined EY and the two have been on a rampage since.  Cody Deaner has also been brainwashed into joining Doring and EY.

Willie Mack talks about his family Holiday traditions next.  He will face Moose at Genesis on Jan. 9th!

D’Amore talks about the change in Moose and how he is now on another level.

Josh talks about how Don Callus helped Kenny Omega win the AEW World Championship.  D’Amore then brought Kenny Omega to Impact.  He loves it.

Next they air clips of how Dan Callus was the mastermind of the screw job on Jon Moxley.  The clip brings up Rich Swann and what he brings to the table.  The tease of Swann VS Omega is showcased for sure.

Callus and Omega are shown talking about the times when Kenny was young and new he wanted to run the wrestling business with Uncle Don. (Callus)  Don says if there were more kids like you, he would have had one himself.  This is a great interview.  You all need to find a way to see it.

D’Amore and Mathews set up Swann and the MCMG’s VS Omega and The Good Brothers

Wrestler of the Year for 2020 in Impact Wrestling…  Deonna Purrazzo

She is interviewed and is very proud to be voted not only Knockouts of the year, but Wrestler of the Year.  Very impressive.











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