WALTER to defend NXT UK Championship against A-Kid soon

Dec 18, 2020 - by Marc Middleton

WWE NXT UK Champion WALTER is set to defend his title against NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion A-Kid in early 2021.

This week’s NXT UK episode on the WWE Network saw A-Kid come to the ring and talk about how he wants to prove that he is the best, and belongs with the best. He then issued a challenge to WALTER. WALTER then came out for his first appearance since retaining the title over Ilja Dragunov in late October. WALTER talked down to A-Kid a bit, then taught him how to wipe his feet on the ring apron before entering. He gave A-Kid some praise for his performance in the Heritage Cup tournament, but said he’s nothing special, and warned that his fairy tale will end when he steps in the ring with him. The match was later confirmed for next year.

Speaking of Dragunov, a vignette aired on this week’s show to mark his first appearance since the loss to WALTER. Dragunov called the loss to WALTER a likely Match of the Year. He acknowledged that he should be very proud of it, but he’s not because he wasn’t good enough, despite keeping his promise to redefine violence in the bout. Dragunov went on and said he needs to start all over from the beginning. He then removed one of his contact lenses and ended the vignette on a mysterious note. There is no word on when he will be back or what WWE has planned.

Another top NXT UK Superstar who seems to be taking a hiatus in the storylines is Trent Seven. Seven also appeared in a vignette this week to discuss his recent loss to A-Kid in the Heritage Cup tournament finals. He praised A-Kid and wondered if he put too much pressure on himself. He also said he was looking forward when he should’ve been looking back, and said there is a part of him that can now adapt and get better. Seven said he’s now focused on getting better and when asked if this is the last we will see from him for a wile, he said there are things he needs to fix and other things he needs to do. He said this will not be a goodbye forever, but for now he has work that needs to be done.

Next week’s NXT UK episode will be a special Christmas Eve edition. No matches or segments have been announced but it looks like there will be a Christmas theme to the show.

WWE has announced that Jinny vs. Piper Niven will take place in three weeks. The winner will earn a title shot from NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray. This week’s show saw Ray defeat Jinny in a non-title match. After the win she warned Jinny and Niven that her historic title reign will continue for a long time.

Below are highlights from this week’s NXT UK episode, which also featured Saxon Huxley vs. Jack Starz and Levi Muir, Rampage Brown vs. Josh Morrell, a teaser on Dave Mastiff and Rampage working together or against each other in the future, plus the main event with NXT UK Tag Team Champions Mark Coffey and Wolfgang of Gallus retaining over The Hunt with Eddie Dennis. Joe Coffey, Oliver Carter, Ashton Smith, Sam Stoker, Amir Jordan, Kenny Williams and others also appeared this week.

Below are related tweets, along with the show highlights, vignettes with Seven and Dragunov, plus a promo from Rampage, who wants better competition:

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