The Ascension’s Konnor Discusses Dusty Rhodes’ Reaction to the Team, Their Main Roster Call-Up, more

Dec 18, 2020 - by James Walsh

Credit: Wrestling Epicenter


The 90’s Wrestling Podcast sent along a transcript of an interview with Konnor . Here are some highlights. The video is below.

The ASCENSION’S Konnor on Dusty Rhodes’ Reaction to him & viktor’s main roster call up.

Konnor – so right before we got called up, Dream (Dusty) was pitching a fit, he was upset, we had no idea why? And he was walking down the hallway, yelling, saying
Dusty- they’re making my guys into God Damn Egyptians!

Konnor- and we had no idea?,
So we had heard word at that point, that we were getting ready and prep to go up to the main roster, so we’re excited, and Dream was so pissed off, and dream was like,
Dusty- they’re F**King up my tag team.

Konnor- And I was like (laughing) I just remember not understanding because, well I was like oh Damn, we’ve been in nxt for so long you would think he would be happy to get rid of us at this point.

So the day comes when we get the big call, we’re sitting in a big office, we’re doing like a zoom meeting, they’re (wwe) doing a call from Stamford connecticut, we’re going live, it was Triple H, it was Jane geddes (VP of talent relations) at the time, and a few other people,
And it was me sitting right here,and Dream was litterly sitting right next to me, and Bill (DeMott, Ryan katz and Vik (Viktor).
And I remember Hunter Saying,
HHH- congratulations you’re coming to the main roster, we’re proud and excited to you, you guys have busted your ass, and we’re glad we’re gonna have you part of the main roster.

Konnor–and I’m sitting there and I’m like yes, and I’m kinda crying with tears in my eyes, because this is every F**King thing I’ve worked for,
And dream is just sitting there, no emotion,no emotion at all.
So they litterly tell us creative has a idea for us, and they’re litterly pulling the pieces of paper up right now, so I’m like okay and they send over the documents and they put the papers down face down in front of us. And we all get them, except for Dream,Dream doesn’t want one.

So Hunter says
HHH-This is what creative has for you, you’re flip the paper over, and see what creative has in mind.

Konnor–so I flip it over and go (shocked expression)
So dream goes to me, and goes like this,
Dusty- F**King Egyptians.

Konnor – and I go Motherf**ker!!!


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