Videos: Extras from “Broken Skull Sessions” episode with Drew McIntyre

Dec 17, 2020 - by Marc Middleton

Two extra scenes from the next episode of “Broken Skull Sessions” on the WWE Network have been released, as seen below. The episode will premiere this Sunday with WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin interviewing WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

In the video below, Austin asks McIntyre a series of rapid-fire questions on various topics. McIntyre names Sheamus as his toughest opponent, and reveals that burgers are his favorite cheat meal. Austin also asked Drew who he thinks is the most underrated current WWE Superstar.

“The standard answer for this is Cesaro, I assume,” McIntyre said, laughing with Austin.

The extra scene below features Stone Cold asking McIntyre about the age-old debate – cats or dogs? McIntyre talks about why he likes both, but thinks cats are better. Austin then talks about why he’s a straight-up-dogs kind of guy.

Broken Skull Sessions with McIntyre and Austin will premiere this Sunday at 10am ET via on-demand on the WWE Network. The interview will then air after the First Look preview episode for the upcoming WWE Icons docuseries, which airs after Sunday’s TLC pay-per-view.

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