CM Punk apparently tweets joke on how long pro wrestling might last

Dec 17, 2020 - by Staff

CM Punk took to Twitter last night and apparently joked that there may be no pro wrestling in 20 years.

Punk made the comment after responding to a tweet from Renee Paquette (Renee Young). She looked forward to 20 years from now when she believes the pro wrestling talent pool will be strong.

She wrote, “All I’m saying is in 20 years, the wrestling talent pool gonna be looking good!!”

Punk responded with a GIF indicating he was laughing at the idea of wrestling being around in two decades, as he wrote, “there’s gonna be wrestling in 20 years.”

Renee responded, “[laughing emojis] such a troll!”

Punk wrote back with another GIF. You can see their full exchange below:

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