Impact Results, 12/15/20

Dec 15, 2020 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for live, Impact Wrestling updates.  AEW World Champion, Kenny Omega, is set to make another appearance on tonight’s episode.  Will Tony Khan make another commercial to promote Dynamite?  Who else will invade Impact Wrestling this week?  Check back hear for up to the minute results!

The show opens with a Kenny Omega clip detailing how he and Don Callus put together the plan to bring Omega to the championship of AEW.  The rest of the clip quickly recaps Final Resolution from this past Saturday.  Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne are once again on the call for this week’s episode.  The entrance ramp is behind the ring.

Kaleb with a K is in the ring in a pink suit (with shorts.)  He calls Tenille to the ring.

Match 1. Tenille Dashwood VS Alisha Edwards (with Eddie Edwards)

Alisha found out quickly that Tenille is only is interested in making herself look good.  They couldn’t be tag partners.

Tenille lands a few punches and Alisha returns the favor.  Alisha gets a quick one count on a senton.  Alisha hits a head scissors.  Tenille regains control by sweeping the legs of Alisha.  Tenille connects with a double under-hook suplex and a snap mare into a headlock.  Alisha back elbows her way out, but ultimately takes a side walk-slam.  Dashwood seems to be toying with Alisha at this point.

Just then Alisha hits a side kick and a stiff forearm.  Alisha then connects with a splash  and bulldog for a two count.  Kaleb pulled Dashwood’s leg under the ropes for the save.  Alisha dives to the outside on to Kaleb.  Dashwood hits a Spotlight Kick as Alisha re-enters the ring and gets the three count.

Winner.  Tenile Dashwood.

Sami Callahan’s music hits and he is shown talking backstage.  He tells Eddie it is time to finally put their issues to bed.  He tells Edwards to enjoy the holidays, because they might me his last.

The Motor City Machine Guns are interviewed backstage.  They rattle off how they are ready to face the Good Brothers for the belts.  They have beaten The North and XXXL.  Sabin says he will face Anderson tonight.

Karl Anderson,  Don Callus and Kenny Omega are back in the RV.  They tell Karl Anderson to go get Chris Sabin for calling him out.  Omega says this is going to be great, as the segment ends.

Karl Anderson is shown walking back in the arena.  Rich Swann cuts him off and tells him to calm down and says did Kenny tell him to go attack Sabin?  Anderson tells him that’s the World Champion.  Call him that, not Kenny.   The MCMG’s then show up and Anderson leaves.

Moose enters the arena in a suit, carrying the TNA World Championship.  He says Willie Mack will not be able to compete for a couple weeks, because he injured him.  He says that is what he does.  He then brings up Rich Swann, who he says he respects.  He says Rich stays hurt, and he hurts people.  He tells Swann to go ask Willie how it feels.

Out comes Willie Mack.  Security runs to the ramp and cuts him off.  Moose asks, do you really want to do this?  Mack says he has plenty left.  At Genesis he challenges Moose to a I Quit match.  Mack then enters the ring and security if forced to keep them apart.  Moose eventually gets in a cheap shot on Mack.  Moose then starts taking out security after he sees they ripped his shirt.  Then he leaves.

Moose is approached backstage.  He says he is tired of Indy wrestlers being security guards.  He tells security never put their hands on him again.  Moose then says if they do, they will get hurt.

Chris Bey and Rohit are seen backstage.  Bey makes fun of Rohit for losing the X-Division Championship at Final Resolution.  Rohit says he will get his rematch.  Bey says that is not the easiest way to get the belt back.  Rohit is all ears.  He tells Rohit to take the mask off Manik and reveal him to be TJP.  Bey says they will have to give his belt back since TJP was not supposed to get any more chances.  Bey tells him to go help him and they will make it happen, as the segment ends.

Once again Tony Khan is back with Tony Schiavone.  Khan says they are happy to help pay for Impacts show.  He then tells Callus he will teach him a lesson next week.  Then they make fun of how hard it is to find AXS TV on cable.  They then go over the card tomorrow night.  All of the biggest stars if AEW are shown on the screen.  The AEW crew is turning heal and it is great stuff.

EY has a vignette next.  He basically is talking about his purpose, and that is to cure Impact of the sickness.  Cody Deaner was also briefly in the vignette.

Match 2.  Chris Bey (with Rohit Raju) VS Manik, X Division Champion (NON TITLE MATCH)

Bey charges Manik right from the outset.  He takes Manik off his feet and stomps him in the corner, much to Rohit’s pleasure.  Manik hits a head scissors and then a torture rack.  Bey spills to the outside and Manik takes to the air and takes him out as we go to break.

Bey has been in control during the break.  He takes to air as good as anyone and shows his impressive leaping ability with splashes and flying elbows.  He then locks on a rear chin lock.  Manik stands and elbows his way out of the hold.  Bey shrugs it off and elbows Manik, and drops a knee for a two count.  Rohit tells Bey to rip off the mask as Bey locks on a arm bar.  Manik reverses the hold, then hits a suplex variation.  Bey rolls up Manik for a two count.  Manik spills to the outside and goes under the ring.  Rohit can’t find him.  Manik sneaks behind Bey and goes to the top rope and hits a crossbody.  He then hits a GTS after a double knee to the chest.  Bey then hits a low blow to Manik.   The ref misses this move.   Rohit enters the ring and he and Bey start arguing.  Rohit wants the mask off.  Rohit then punches Bey.

Because of the punch, Manik is DQ’d.

Winner by DQ.  Chris Bey

Bey smiles as he runs off, knowing he is the winner of record and will now be in line for a title match with Manik.

Flashback Moment.  

Sting returns to wrestling with Christian to face Monte Brown and Jeff Jarrett.

The North is shown backstage.  Ethan Page says it is his fault they are not getting a tag match.  Josh Alexander cuts him off and tells Page to go get help.  Page says we will always have your back.  Josh says “WE?”  Page walks off.  Brian Myers walks up and pisses off Josh further.  Josh leaves saying he wants to kick his ass.

Back in the RV.  Omega calls Rich Swann, Rich the Bitch.  Anderson is dressed for his match now and heads back to the ring.   Omega continues to complain about Swann.  He is annoyed Swann keeps getting in his business.

Match 3.  Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan VS Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary (second round of the tag tournament)

This is the best match so far in the women’s tag tourney.  These are two established teams that are on a roll and both have been beating everyone lately.

Taya goes right to work on Tasha.  Steelz tries to use her speed to outsmart Taya, but that doesn’t work.  Rosemary tags in and hits her version of the exploder suplex.  Hogan tags in and takes a spinning sidewalk slam.  Rosemary then tosses Hogan across the ring by her dread locks.  Rosemary takes a back kick from Steelz on the outside, giving Hogan a chance to recover and drag Rosemary to their corner.  Steelz and Hogan make a few quick tags and use the chop as their primary weapon.

Hogan hits a nice basement dropkick.  Steelz is now back in and Rosemary tries to punch her way back into the match, but Steelz fights her off.  Suddenly Rosemary knocks Hogan of the apron and locks on the octopus on Steelz.  Hogan runs around the ring and knocks down Taya.  Steelz locks on a sleeper after recovering from the octopus.  Rosemary backs her in the corner a few times, and then flips her off.  Steelz then takes a spear from Rosemary.  Taya tags in and she spears Hogan, who enters.  She then hits side power bomb.

Knockouts Champion, Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee enter the arena.  They take out Rosemary with a Flatliner.

Kiera hits a reverse neck-breaker on Taya, who was concerned with her partner and get the 3 count.

Winners and moving on to the finals..  Hogan and Steelz

EY is seen lecturing Cody Deaner.  Deaner appears to be in a jail and is cuffed to a desk like someone under arrest.  EY keeps talking about some sickness that is taking everything from Cody.  Cody says he never saw it.  The segment ends with Joe Doring emerging from a cell.

Hogan and Steelz celebrate backstage in their locker room.  Hogan and Steelz start wondering where the money is they stole.  Swinger enters and and they immediately leave.  Swinger takes a minute to start going threw their bags and finds the wad of cash.  This guy is gold.  He is so funny.

Match 4.  Josh Alexander VS Brian Myers

Alexander may be turning face.  He and Myers engage in some scientific wrestling to start the match.  Page comes out and cheers for Alexander.  Myers smashes his face into the steel corner post.  Myers enters the ring and then gets much more aggressive on Josh.  Josh then gets taken down by a drop toe hold, and Myers stomps him repeatedly.  Page is still on the ground.

Josh hits a running boot to Myers, but then reverses a suplex attempt.  Page stands up in and he is in the karate man gear.  (This is his alter ego)

He takes out Myers and gets DQ’d.  Alexander is furious.  Page poses in front of him and Alexander walks off in disgust.

Winner by DQ.  Brian Myers

Back at the jail.  Deaner is now shown being locked up and then back at the table in cuffs.  EY makes him repeat things like the fans were laughing at him.  He tells Deaner things will be clear now.  They pour water on Deaner and they tell him he is now free.  Deaner looks happy and looks to have found a new lease on his career.

Tommy Dreamer is approached by Acey Romero backstage.  He says Larry D. was set up.  Dreamer then walks up to Rhino and Cousin Jake.  They are talking about EY brainwashing Cody.  Dreamer tells them to do something about it and stop Doring and EY.

Impact will have some special shows to end the year.  They hype them next.

Match 5.  Machine Gun, Karl Anderson VS Chris Sabin (with Alex Shelley)

Omega mentioned Anderson was a champion everywhere from NJPW to New York.  Omega says Anderson is better than Sabin.  Meanwhile the MCMG’s are anxious to get their tag titles back.   This should be a great match.  Sabin is a former TNA World Champion in his own right.  This match is up next.

We are back from break and the match has begun.  The two are feeling each other out with arm twists and reverses.  Sabin spins Anderson to the mat with a arm drag.  Matthews mentioned Anderson didn’t like being messed with earlier by Swann.  Omega is seen watching the match on a tv in his RV.

Anderson goes on the offensive and doesn’t break cleanly from being tied up in the ropes.   He then slams Sabin’s head to the turnbuckle.  Karl then rakes his boots laces across the face of Chris.  Anderson is also talking a lot of smack to Sabin and Shelley.  Sabin starts to fight back, but Anderson rakes the eyes again.   He takes him down again with a snap mare and lays in more boots.

After more eye rakes, Anderson misses a clothes line and Sabin scissors him to the outside.  Anderson regroups and grabs Sabin’s legs on the apron and yanks them in such a way, Sabin face plants.f  We go to break again.

Back from break, Anderson is still in control.  It seems Omega has done a good job with Callus riling up Anderson.  Sabin takes a double axe to the throat off the Irish Whip.  Anderson gets a two count.  Anderson continues to pound on Sabin with boots and elbows.  Anderson has uses the 5 count rule several times with choke holds during the match.

Anderson has a side headlock on now, Sabin stands up and stomps on Anderson’s toes, but Anderson takes him down again.  Anderson goes back to the armbar on the canvas.  Sabin is yelling in pain.  Anderson breaks the hold and hits a running clothesline.

Sabin finally stands up and they conk heads off a rope cris cross.  Sabin recovers and hits multiple short arm clotheslines and a back elbow.  He then hits a crossbody off the top rope.  Sabin hits a running boot after a missed Gun Stun by Anderson.  Sabin then hits a DDT.  The two start trading blows in the center of the ring.

They both hit running clotheslines and are down!  The ref is counting.

Anderson takes a jumping kick to the face but then hits a Spine buster on Sabin.  Sabin kicks out at two!  Anderson rolls up Sabin and grabs the tights and gets the win.

Winner.   Karl Anderson

Omega and Callus celebrate in the RV then says he has a plan.  Swann comes  to the backstage with Anderson out and questions why he is doing this.  Swann and Anderson are now arguing.  The Machine Guns attack Anderson, just then Gallows enters and starts taking everyone out.  Then Kenny Omega enters and they all take out Swann and both the Machine Guns.

Omega and Callus set up a big Triple Threat Match for Hard To Kill.  They say the old Bullet Club is back.  It will be the Good Brothers and Kenny Omega VS Rich Swann and The Motor City Machine Guns!!!  WOW!


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