Heidi Katrina

Dec 15, 2020 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real Name: Heidi Katrina Alavi
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 176 lbs.
Date of Birth: April 21, 1989
Hometown: Essex, England
Pro Debut: November 5, 2011
Trained By: Robbie Brookside & London School of Lucha Libre
Finishing Move: Spear


– Heidi is known as the British Amazon.
– May 15, 2015, Heidi defeated Toni Storm to win the vacant ABC Women’s Title.
– May 20th, Heidi defended the title in a 3-Way against Kairi Hojo & The Alpha Female.
– July 22, 2016, Heidi lost the championship to Gail Kim.
– August 14th, Heidi defeated Mari at REINA Thank You Summer ’16.
– September 25th, Heidi defeated Chica Tormenta to win the vacant REINA-CMLL International Title.
– October 28th, Heidi challenged Jazz for the NWA World Women’s Title.
– November 4th, Heidi defended the REINA-CMLL International Title against Kat Von Heez.
– November 5th, Heidi defended the title against Rosemary.
– November 27th, Heidi retained the title against Joseline Navarro.
– December 8th, Heidi defeated Samantha Heights at IWA Mid-South Seasons Bloody Beatings.
– January 3, 2017, Heidi retained the REINA-CMLL International Title against ThunderKitty.
– June 3rd, Heidi & Cassandra Miyagi defeated Nyla Rose & Mio Momono on Sendai Girls.
– September 24th, Heidi defeated Rin Kadokura at Sendai Girls Joshi Puroresu Big Show ’17.
– October 10th, Heidi, Rekka & Taylor Adams defeated Danny Jones, Diego & Natsu Sumire at AAA Lucha Libre World Cup ’17.
– November 17th, Heidi & Cassandra Miyagi challenged DASH Chisako & KAORU for the Sendai Girls Tag Team Titles.
– January 3, 2018, Heidi defeated Cassandra Miyagi on Sendai Girls.
– February 20th, Heidi won a Battle Royal at DSW Final.
– February 22nd, Heidi & Cassandra Miyagi defeated Meiko Satomura & KAORU on Sendai Girls.
– March 11th, Heidi & Cassandra Miyagi defeated RIOT Crown (DASH Chisako & KAORU) for the Sendai Girls Tag Team Titles.
– April 22nd, Heidi & Cassandra Miyagi retained the titles against Strong Style Rush (Alex Lee & Mika Iwata).
– June 16th, Heidi & Cassandra Miyagi defended the titles against Strong Style Rush.
– September 15th, Heidi & Cassandra Miyagi lost the titles to Chihiro Hashimoto & Mika Iwata.
– January 12, 2019, Heidi & Martina defeated Lana Austin & Chardonnay at EVE She Who Dares, Wins.
– May 26th, Heidi defeated JD Smooth at MAW Whatever it Takes.
– June 8th, Heidi, Alex Lee & KAORU lost to Mei Suruga, Hyan & Hikaru Shida at Sendai Girls Women’s Pro Wrestling Big Show in Niigata.
– June 11th, Heidi defeated Alyx Sky at Girl Fight Fall From Grace.
– June 15th, Heidi & Willie Watts defeated Queen Aminata & Super Oprah at the XICW Malcolm Monroe Memorial Show.
– June 16th, Heidi defeated Ray Lyn for the vacant CWA Women’s Title.
– June 28th, Heidi challenged Zoey Skye for the MPWA Heavyweight Title.
– August 2nd, Heidi lost to Nyla Rose at the JCW Gathering of the Juggalos ’19.
– August 10th, Heidi defeated Nick Xero for the PPW Continental Title, but would lose the title right back to Nick Xero.
– August 24th, Heidi competed in a 4-Way for the Kamikaze Pro Fighting Females Title.
– September 27th, Heidi challenged Jody Threat for the CLASH Women’s Title.
– January 4, 2020, Heidi defeated Livvii Grace at EVE Battle Cry.
– January 19th, Heidi defeated Nikki Victory at OWA Fight for the Dream.
– August 29th, Heidi defeated Helena Sixt at SLAM SLAMfest!
– October 31st, Heidi defeated Helena Sixt at SLAM RagnaRÖCK & Wrestling ’20 Supershow.

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