Tommy “Zeus” Lister had coronavirus symptoms before he died

Dec 12, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

Tommy Lister, the man who wrestling fans know better as Zeus, had coronavirus-like symptoms leading up to his death and if that ends up being what killed him, it would be his second bout with the virus.

Lister’s rep, Cindy Cowan, told TMZ that he tested positive for COVID-19 four months ago and being diabetic made him a high-risk. Lister, whose nickname is Tiny, was not hospitalized and quarantined at home.

Cowan revealed that on December 3, Lister was supposed to visit her at her home but he told her that he was feeling the symptoms again and preferred not to go over.

Meanwhile, The Daily Mail reached out to Brandon Jay, who was the last one to conduct an interview with Lister a week ago. Jay said that Lister was visibly sick but soldiered on with the interview, calling him a class act.

“He didn’t mention being sick but we talked about the coronavirus vaccine and he mentioned being one of the first ones in line and being like Obama, Bush and Clinton,” Jay said. “He struggled to speak at times, clearing his throat constantly, it’s very sad, he was such a genuine guy.”

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