Final Resolution

Dec 12, 2020 - by Scott Porter

Impact World Title: Rich Swann (c) vs. Chris Bey

Will Moose make his presence known?  Or Don Callus?  Or Kenny Omega… whoa…

Impact Knockouts Title: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Rosemary

Deonna has been dominate, but Rosemary is …. Rosemary..

Impact X Division Title: Rohit Raju (c) issues an open challenge

Rohit has been the most dominate champion in Impact for some time.

Old School Rules: Larry D vs. Tommy Dreamer

Larry D could go to jail or be a free man after this match!

Ethan Page vs. Karl Anderson

The North wants to regain the belts.  This is the first step towards that.

Havok and Nevaeh vs. The Sea Stars

Second round action in the tag scene for the ladies.

Eddie Edwards and Alisha Edwards vs. Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K

As long as Kaleb gets beat down, will anyone care?

Hernandez vs. Fallah Bahh

Hernandez wants his money back, but is he fighting against the right person.. or  persons???

Eric Young vs. Rhino

EY will have back up.. Will Rhino’s partner be ready to go?


Match 1.  The Sea Stars VS Neveah and Havok.

The current Shimmer champs will go agains Havok and Neveah.  Delmy and Neveah start off.  Neveah hits a bulldog to start off.  The Sea Stars were beat in the opening round, but want to make a name for themselves.  Ashley Vox dropkicks Neveah, but Havok tags in.  Vox was last seen by me in the NWA from me.  Havok misses a sit down splash and Delmy tags in.  Havok hits clothesline.  Havok and Neveah take turns splashing Neveah.

Neveah locks on a sleeper, then hits a splash and gets a two count.  Havok tags in.  She hits a suplex then gets a two count.

Neveah tags back in and Delby takes a tandem German Suplex.  Delby makes a tag, and Vox hits some stiff shots on Havok’s face.  Havok regroups and misses a splash and tumbles to the outside.  Vox goes for a splash to the outside, but Havok catches her and pays for it.  Delby makes the save and hits a Code Breaker on Havok.  Havok sidewalk slams Vox.  Delby dropkicks Havok, but Neveah tags in and hits cutter for the win.

Winners.  Havok and Neveah.

Match 2. Kaleb w/ a K and Tenille Dashwood Vs Eddie and Alisha Edwards.

This match is centered around the failed tag team of Tenille Dashwood and Alisha Edwards.  The two trash talk each other prior to the match beginning.

Alisha and Tenile start the match, but quickly tag to the men.  Kaleb tries to chop Eddie, but that doesn’t go far. He hurts his hand trying to fight actually.  lol.  Eddie works over Kaleb with a inverted atomic drop and chops to the chest.  Kaleb takes out the legs of Eddie and throws some punches.  This just annoys Eddie.  Tenille helps Kaleb on the outside.  Eddie recovers and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb.  He tags his wife and Kaleb crumbles back and tags in Tenille and Alisha gets to come back in.  Tenille hits a back elbow and face plant.  She hits the Dashwooggie and a side suplex.  Tenille even hits a cheap shot on Eddie.  Kaleb is still recovering from taking a beating from Eddie earlier.

Tenille locks Alisha in the tree of woe.  Alisha finally makes a tag and Kaleb is forced back in.  Kaleb tries a crossbody, but misses everything.  Once up, Kaleb takes a backdrop from Eddie.  Eddie takes a few minutes to chop Kaleb in the corner and sets up Kaleb for a Tiger Driver.  Tenille makes the save.  Kaleb takes a tilt a whirl DDT from Alisha.  Eddie Dives on Kaleb who crumbles to the outside.

Sami Callahan’s tron shows on the stage..

Tenille hits a spotlight kick as we return and gets the pin.

Winners.. Kaleb with a K and Tenille

Callahan attacks Eddie post match with bat.  He then hits a package piledriver and leaves Eddie briefly..   He then tries to piledrive Alisha, but security from the back makes the save.   Eddie is out cold as his wife tries to help him.

Outside at an RV, Don Callus is asked if Kenny Omega is in the coach.  Callus says he is inside, but he will have no chance in hell of showing up on Final Resolution.  Callus says Omega is visiting family.

Match 3. Hernandez VS Fallah Bahh

Tasha Steelz is the special ring announcer for this match.  Keira Hogan is introduces the special referee by Steelz.  Steelz is very entertaining during the intros.  Check her and Hogan out.  They are my pick as future tag champs.

Bahh is finally in the ring.  The bell rings and these two giants charge each other.  Bahh and Hernandez trade chops in the corner.  Bahh hits a crossbody and gets a two count.  Bahh actually tries a splash, but Hogan stops him.  Hernandez hits a slingshot shoulder block over the top rope to the inside.  Hernandez goes to the air on the outside on Bahh with a senton.  Hernandez drags him back in and gets a two count.

Steelz announces there is 5 mins left in the match.

Hernandez gets a two count on a back body splash.  Hernandez hits a boot to the face that wakes up Fallah.  Fallah then hits a running clothesline.  Bahh then hits two splashes to the corner.  He then hits a senton and a sit down on the chest splash.  Hogan refuses to count.  She wants to dance for the camera.  Fallah had the match won…  Hernandez goes to the top rope.  He then hits a splash for the win.

Winner of the match and cash stolen by Hogan and Steelz..   Hernandez

Steelz goes for the money in her pack to give the winnings to Hernandez, but it isn’t there!  Hernandez is not playing, so Steelz and Hogan run for the hills.

Chris Bey is interviewed about the most import match of his career.  He says it is time to teach Swann a lesson.  He says he will take his crown tonight.

Match 4.  Tommy Dreamer VS Larry D. (Acey Romero)  Old School Weapons Match.  (If Larry D. loses, he goes to jail)

The two tie up collar and elbow.  Larry hits a back elbow of the ropes.  The match goes to the outside and Tommy grabs a pan and hits Larry over the head.  He then slams Larry’s head on the steps.  Larry recovers and hits Dreamer with a cookie sheet.

Back in the ring, Larry continues to use the bakeware on Tommy’s head.  Larry then goes to the outside and brings in a chair and chain.  He chokes Dreamer with the chain.  Tommy bites Larry to break it, but Larry hits a back elbow and basement superkick.   He then grabs a chair and sets it up between the 2nd and top ropes in the corner.  He then takes off his weight lifters belt and uses it on Dreamers back.

Larry misses with a running elbow and hits the ground hard.  Tommy gets to his feet and hits a clothesline after a boot to the face.  He then hits the Dusty punch and elbow move set.  He adds Larry’s belt to his elbow for support.  Dreamer then hits a cutter for a two count.

Dreamer misses a DDT and lands hard on the chair with Larry landing on him for good measure.  Tommy recovers and plants Larry in the Tree of woe and dropkicks a chair to his face.  Dreamer grabs a table from under the ring and brings it inside.  Acey hits Tommy from the outside.

Larry hits a discus clothesline.  Acey sets the table up in the corner.  Larry lays in on the table, but Johnny Bravo stops Acey from the attack.  Acey and Larry then Double Splash Bravo.  Acey goes to splash Dreamer, but crashes threw the table.  Bravo attempts to stop Larry from advancing, but that failed, and gave Dreamer a second to recover and hit the DDT on Larry for the win.

Winner Tommy Dreamer.

Bravo hands Dreamer handcuffs so he can send Larry to jail.  Tommy cuffs Larry.  Acey looks to be crying.  Larry rolls out and he walks off with Dreamer to go to jail.

Outside Kenny Omega is outside in the RV again!

An EY and Joe Doring vignette airs hyping the Rhino EY Match later tonight.  EY and Doring say they are the cure for the sickness.  EY says the world belongs to them.  Rhino says he will leave EY laying after he rips in half from a GORE.

Match 5.  EY (with Joe Doring) VS Rhino

Rhino comes to the ring without his longtime partner, the injured Heath Slater.

Rhino chases EY from the ring quickly twice.  EY gets caught the second time escaping and Rhino and gets tossed from the top rope for his actions.  EY catches Rhino with a double axe handle to the back as he turned his back to Doring, who was getting to close for comfort.

EY then goes on the ground and pound attack.  Eventually he rams Rhino’s head to the turnbuckle.  Rhino reverses a whip and hits a backdrop.  Doring tries to enter the ring, but the ref cuts him off.  This gives EY time to hit a neck-breaker.   Doring then hits shot to the face when the ref pulled EY off for choking Rhino to a count of 5.

EY is very methodical tonight on his attack.  His moves are slow and deliberate.  They are very stiff.  Rhino can’t seem to gain any momentum during this time of the match.  Every time he comes back EY has an answer, until he misses a moonsault off the top rope.  Both men struggle to get to their feet.  EY takes an elbow and a Belly To Belly suplex.  Rhino then hits a few clotheslines.  EY hits 3 back elbows, but Rhino fights it off and hits Samoan drop for a two count.

Rhino whips EY into the ref by accident.  Doring goes to the apron, but Rhino takes him out.  EY gets to his feet and grabs his mask.  The Deaners hit the ring to stop EY.  Cody then turns on Cousin Jake and takes out his cousin with the mask EY tossed him.  Cody exits up the ramp saying he is not a nobody…

EY picks the mask back up and takes out Rhino with it.  The ref recovers and makes the pin.

Winner Eric Young.

What is next for Cody Deaner?  Why did he take out his cousin to make EY happy?  EY and Doring leave, as Rhino is out cold in the ring.

Gallows is given clearance to go toward Kenny Omega’s RV.  D’Amore is backstage yelling at the security for letting the interviewer back earlier.

A Rohit Raju vignette is shown next.  Who is next in line for the Rohit X Division Champion?

Match 6.  Defeat Rohit Challenge…  Rohit Raju (X Division Champion) VS ….

Rohit takes the mic and asks if the reality has set in yet.  He is proving things..  He is the most successful story of 2020.  He has proved everyone wrong.  He says he has left everyone laying in the middle of the ring.  He says tonight is the final Defeat Rohit challenge.  The challenger is Manik

Manik is suddenly on the top rope.  It is TJP under the mask for sure.  The tats make it easy to see.  TJP is not allowed to challenge Rohit any more.

Manik is all over Rohit.  His high flying moves are so fast, I can’t keep up with them.  He ties Rohit up in an octopus rollup for a two count.  He then locks Rohit up in a one arm Boston Crab.  Rohit rolls over and Manik rolls to the outside under the ring.

The ref begins the count and Manik sneaks behind and hits a neck-breaker and gets a two count.  Rohit backdrops Manik to the apron.  Rohit then decks Manik and hits a jumping DDT to the inside of the ring.  Rohit then hits a running elbow to Manik.  Rohit then hits a back suplex for a count of two.

Rohit hits a Russian Leg Sweep, then chokes Manik on the middle rope.  He then tries to rip Manik’s mask off.  Manik then backslides Rohit, but Rohit kicks out instantly and clotheslines him when he stands up.  The pace of this match is incredible.  Manik gets up and hits the GTS.  Rohit is in trouble.  Manik hits a top rope DDT for a two count.  Manik goes back to the top rope, misses a leap and Rohit hits 3 rolling sentons and a double stomp for a two count.  WOW.

Rohit hits Flatliner next for a two count.  He then locks on the cross-face.  Manik reverses it back to the abdominal stretch.  Rohit walks it to the ropes.  Amazing.  What a match!

Rohit and Manik trade blows.  Rohit misses a knee and gets rolled up!


Rohit is livid on the outside.

Moose is shown backstage.  He says he took out Willie Mack so he has no one to face tonight.  He says he is watching Rich Swann.  He says Swann’s title is the second most important title in the company.  His TNA World Championship is the most important.  He says he wants the winner of the match tonight.

Match 7.  Rosemary (with Taya Valkyie) VS Deonna Purrazzo (Champion with Kimber Lee) for the Impact Knockouts Championship

Rosemary scares Deonna from the ring on the offset.  Once back, Rosemary lays in a spear to Deonna.  Rosemary then tosses the champion from corner to corner repeatedly by her hair.  Deonna regathers herself and tosses Rosemary to the outside.  Taya tries to make the save, but Kimber Lee stops Taya in her tracks.  Purrazzo gets Rosemary back in and begins working on the arm, as she always does.

Purrazzo snaps the arm back with all her weight.  Taya is getting fired up on the outside.  Deonna starts stomping Rosemary in the corner.  Rosemary falls to the mat and Deonna locks on a reverse arm bar.  Rosemary stands out, and uses her weight to tumble Deonna to the outside.  Kimber saves Deonna from Taya this time.  Back in the ring, Rosemary hits a Scorpion Death Drop.   Rosemary hits a back elbow and locks on the Upside Down.  The ref breaks up the illegal hold, giving Deonna a minute to knock Rosemary to the arena floor very hard.

Rosemary gets back in the ring and gets stomped for good measure.  Purrazzo puts a knee to the back, and hits repeated crossface blows.  She then locks on a side headlock.  Rosemary eventually stands, but gets backed into the corner.  She then takes a faceplant and Deonna locks on a Triangle Hold.  Rosemary breaks the hold,  and hits a sidewalk slam!

Both women are down.  Taya is screaming for Rosemary to get up.

Rosemary gets to her feet and hits two clotheslines and a Slingblade.  She then hits a suplex from the corner for a two count.  Rosemary then hits a double underhook suplex.  She is working the back of Purrazzo.

Purrazzo then reverses a pin to an armbar!  Rosemary then hits a Red Wedding.  Kimber Lee makes the save on the outside.  Taya has had enough and begins the chase.  Purrazzo hits a package piledriver and gets the pin.

Winner and still Knockouts Champion, Deonna Purrazzo

Taya hits the ring and clears Purrazzo and Kimber Lee of the ring.  Taya’s music is played as she helps Rosemary to her feet.  It looks like Taya is next in line.

Karl Anderson is shown in the RV talking to Kenny Omega!.  They are talking about Fat Massa.  (A famous fan in NJPW, who is known for buying wrestlers attention.)  Anderson says he would like to stay, but he has to work a match with Ethan Page.  Callus says he will be back for cocktails in two mins.  Kenny Omega starts to question if the Machine Gun is still alive and breathing.  Anderson get fired up and says you want to see the Machine Gun?  Omega starts pretending to have a gun and shooting up the RV.

A vignette is shown hyping the match between Anderson and Ethan Page

Match 8.  Ethan Page (with Josh Alexander) VS Karl Anderson

Anderson is clearly at a disadvantage without Doc Gallows at his side.  Anderson wants to prove he can regain his form as a singles wrestler he once had in NJPW.   Anderson hits a few chops, a whip and back elbow on Page to start the match.  Anderson has had many high profile match, but Page was a great singles wrestler in Evolve prior to his time in Impact.

Page gets tossed to the outside.  Anderson follows him out, but Alexander distracts him and Page hits a backbreaker as Anderson re-enters the ring.  Back outside, Page is all over Anderson.  He rams Karl’s head into the metal corner post.   He tosses Anderson back in the ring and locks on a reverse bear hug.  Anderson backs Page to the corner, but Page hits a punt kick and running shoulder block.    Anderson is down and Page continues just kicking and punching Anderson from behind.  He then hits a running elbow for a one count.

Page starts working on the small of the back of Anderson with shoulders smashes.  He hits a vicious back breaker for a two count.   Anderson fights back with a back suplex after the two trade some punches.

Anderson hits a few clotheslines and a senton after a back elbow.  Anderson then runs into a elbow from Page, but shakes it off and hits a big Spine Buster for a two count.

Page recovers and gets a two count off a slam and a few back elbows.  Anderson gets to his feet and hits a pump kick.  He then hits a back elbow.  Page flips Anderson out of the corner and follows it up with a suplex for a two count.  Great action.

Page looks focused.  He backs Anderson into the corner.  He sets up Karl on the second rope.  Anderson fights back and knocks Page off and hits a clothesline and the Gunn Stunn for the win.

Winner. Karl Anderson

Josh Alexander looks disgusted at Page.  Page tells him it will be ok.  Josh takes off his North Jacket and walks off.  Page says it will be ok to the camera.  He tells everyone it will ok repeatedly as the segment ends.

Madison Rayne and Josh are shown and she asks if the Karl Anderson/Kenny Omega conversation is in fact a Bullet Club reunion….

Up next the main event…

Match 9.  Chris Bey VS Rich Swann (Champion) for the Impact World Championship 

Bey is out first, then Swann.. but is it only a matter of time before TNA World Champion, Moose makes his appearance?

This is Chris Bey’s first Main Event on an Impact PPV.  He is spectacular.  If you have not seen him in action, what are you waiting for?

This promises to be a super fast paced match.  The two start off jockeying for leverage.  They are both being very cautious.  Swann gets an arm twist for the first move of the match, but Bey reverses it and flips behind.  Swann counters him with a float over headlock.  The two continue to trade moves for a few minutes.  Swann highlights this series of of moves with 4 nip ups and a reverse arm twist.

The two then cross the ring and trade arm drags.

Swann finally downs Bey with a few stiff kicks to the back and then a leg drop.  He then hits a flipping leg drop.  Bey blocks a rolling thunder for a count of two.  Bey then hits a 619 and backbreaker for a near fall.  Bey connects with a few basement dropkicks and then stomps Swann, bouncing off the ropes.  Swann rolls outside, but Bey stays on the offensive and tosses him in the barricade and back to the ring.

Bey then locks on a headlock.  Swann elbows his way out, but Bey hits a spinning back elbow.  His moves are so crisp.  Bey looks determined to win the championship.  Bey does pushups in the center of the ring as Swann tries to recover from an Irish Whip.

Swann does a monkey flip for a two count, but takes a clothesline once they stand up.  Bey locks on the Abdominal Stretch next.

Bey then hits a elbow off the back of the head of Swann, from the top rope.  Swann kicks out of a pin attempt at two.  Swann finally recovers and hits a rolling clotheline.  He then hits a series of strikes and kicks.  Cool exchange.  Swann has some impressive strikes.  Bey catches Swann on the top rope and then locks on the Torcher Rack.  He drops Swann and gets a two count.

Bey and Swann begin trading kicks, until Swann hits an impressive cartwheel-sault.  He then misses another moonsault and Bey hits a Canadian Destroyer.  Swann somehow kicked out at two.

The two start going at it strong style in the center of the ring.  The punches turn to kicks.  They trade superkicks and Swann finally takes he and Bey down with a leg clothesline.  They both use the 10 count to get to their feet.

Swann hits a backslide for a two count.  Bey hits a fishermen’s buster for a two count.  Wow.  Great exchange.

Bey gathers himself and points at himself for the camera.   He feels the time is now.  He goes for the Art of Finess.  Swann hamstrings nip ups out of the move and hits a stunner for a two count.  Incredible move.

Swann hits a deep kick and goes to the top and hits the Phoenix Splash for the win.

Winner and still Impact World Champion.  Rich Swann

Moose enter the arena in a suit with the TNA belt in hand.  Swann is exhausted in the corner.  He picks up Swann’s belt and hands it to him.  He then simply exits, but never takes his eyes off Swann.   Swann raises his belt, but looks back to Moose as the show ends.

Fantastic matches once again by Impact.













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