Shazza McKenzie

Dec 10, 2020 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real Name: Chantelle Allison
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 125 lbs.
Date of Birth: August 5, 1988
Hometown: Sydney, New South Wales (Australia)
Pro Debut: September 2008
Trained By: Eagles Wrestling Academy
Finishing Move: Shazzadriver


– September 20, 2008, Shazza challenged Alison Wonderland for the ICW Women’s Title.
– September 26th, Shazza defeated Aurora on AWF Main Event Wrestling.
– November 8th, Shazza defeated Alison Wonderland for the ICW Women’s Title.
– December 13th, Shazza defended the title in a 3-Way against Kristy Steele & Holly Musico.
– January 24, 2009, Shazza challenged Roxy Lovell for the ICW Australian Title.
– February 14th, Shazza retained the ICW Women’s Title against Aurora.
– February 22nd, Shazza lost to Tenille Tayla in the first round of the PWAQ Queen of the Warriors Tournament.
– May 30th, Shazza defeated Jessie McKay at PWA Live at Goulburn.
– September 4th, Shazza competed in a 4-Way for the PWWA Title.
– April 17, 2010, Shazza challenged Imogen Jane for the AAW Women’s Title.
– July 3rd, Shazza lost to Madison Eagles in the first round of the PWWA Last Woman Standing Tournament.
– October 22nd, Shazza defeated Kellie Skater at MCW Clash of the Titans ’10.
– March 19, 2011, Shazza defeated Harley Wonderland on Warzone Wrestling.
– April 16th, Shazza defeated Kellie Skater at MCW New Horizons ’11.
– June 18th, Shazza defeated Kellyanne English on Warzone Wrestling.
– July 9th, Shazza defeated Tenille Tayla at MCW Ballroom Brawl.
– October 15th, Shazza defeated Sway on Warzone Wrestling.
– March 18, 2012, Shazza defeated Rhia O’Reilly at SHIMMER 48.
– March 24th, Shazza lost to Veda Scott in the semi-finals of the IndyGurlz Grand Prix Title Tournament.
– April 21st, Shazza defeated Eliza Sway MCW New Horizons ’12.
– May 26th, Shazza challenged Kellie Skater for the IndyGurlz Australia Title.
– October 19th, Shazza & Davina Rose lost to Made in Sin (Taylor Made & Allysin Kay) at SHINE 4.
– October 27th, Shazza defeated Santana at SHIMMER 50.
– October 28th, Shazza lost to Mercedes Martinez at SHIMMER 52.
– January 12, 2013, Shazza challenged Evie for the PWWA Title.
– January 19th, Shazza & Madison Eagles defeated Evie & Jessie McKay at PWA The Unusual Suspects.
– April 6th, Shazza & Veda Scott defeated Cherry Bomb & Kimber Lee at SHIMMER 53.
– April 13th, Shazza & Veda Scott defeated Regeneration X (Allison Danger & Leva Bates) at SHIMMER 54.
– April 19th, Shazza, Jessie McKay & Kellie Skater defeated Mia Yim, Nikki Roxx & Santana at SHINE 9.
– May 18th, Shazza challenged Madison Eagles for the PPW Pacific Women’s Title.
– May 25th, Shazza defeated Kellyanne English at ZERO1 Australia Revolution.
– August 3rd, Shazza defeated Olivia Shaw at PWWA Champions United.
– June 14, 2014, Shazza defeated Evie for the PWWA Title.
– August 23rd, Shazza retained the title against Jessie McKay.
– November 22nd, Shazza & Toni Storm defeated Savannah Summers & Siren Monroe at MCW Worlds Collide.
– November 23rd, Shazza lost to Evie in the first round of the MCW Jenny & Vera Memorial Cup.
– January 24, 2015, Shazza defended the PWWA Title against Kellyanne.
– February 28th, Shazza retained the title against Jessica Troy.
– April 3rd, Shazza defeated Miss Rachel at SHINE 26.
– April 12th, Shazza defeated Marti Belle at SHIMMER 75.
– August 29th, Shazza lost the PWWA Title to Charli Evans in a 3-Way.
– October 2nd, Shazza won a 4-Way at SHINE 30.
– October 8th, Shazza lost to Emma on WWE NXT.
– October 10th, Shazza competed in the SHIMMER Rumble.
– October 11th, Shazza won a 4-Way at SHIMMER 79.
– April 23, 2016, Shazza defeated Adam Hoffman at PWA Sunset Flip Blvd.
– June 17th, Shazza & Evie challenged BTY (Marti Belle & Jayme Jameson) for the SHINE Tag Team Titles.
– June 25th, Shazza defeated Evie at SHIMMER 82.
– September 3rd, Shazza defeated Tarlee at AWF Celebration of Champions.
– November 11th, The Aussie Squad (Shazza & Kellie Skater) defeated Trifecta (Mercedes Martinez & Shayna Baszler) at SHIMMER 86.
– November 13th, Shazza defeated Shayna Baszler in a No DQ at SHIMMER 89.
– March 4th, Shazza competed in the Wrestling GO! Rumble.
– April 9th, The Choc Blockers (Shazza & Big Fudge) defeated SMS (Unsocial Jordan & InstaGraham) for the PWA Tag Team Titles.
– June 3rd, Shazza defeated Charli Evans (c) & Harley Wonderland in a 3-Way for the PWWA Title.
– June 17th, Shazza lost to Madison Eagles at HOH 28.
– July 8th, Shazza defeated Nicole Savoy for the Heart of SHIMMER Title.
– July 9th, Shazza defended the title against Nicole Matthews.
– August 4th, Shazza retained the PWWA Title against Bea Priestley.
– August 12th, Shazza competed in the Newy Pro Rumble.
– August 20th, Shazza defeated Bee Boy for the Wrestling GO! 24/7 Watermelon Title.
– October 7th, Shazza defended the PWWA Title against Jessica Troy.
– November 10th, Shazza defeated Thunder Rosa at RISE 5.
– November 11th, Shazza defended the Heart of SHIMMER Title against Cheerleader Melissa.
– November 27th, Shazza challenged Tessa Blanchard for the WC Lady of the Ring Title.
– December 16th, Shazza challenged Toni Storm for the PROGRESS Women’s Title.
– January 19, 2018, Shazza defended the PWWA Title against Indi Hartwell.
– February 25th, The Choc Blockers lost the PWA Tag Team Titles to SMS.
– April 7th, Shazza retained the Heart of SHIMMER Title against Tessa Blanchard.
– April 11th, Shazza lost to Kairi Sane on WWE NXT.
– April 13th, Shazza defeated Hyan at RISE 7.
– April 14th, Shazza defended the Heart of SHIMMER Title against Shotzi Blackheart.
– April 15th, Shazza would lose the championship to Dust.
– May 5th, Shazza lost to Indi Hartwell in the semi-finals of the Newy Pro Queen of the Castle ’18.
– June 30th, Shazza lost to Shotzi Blackheart in the semi-finals of the AWS Women’s Tournament.
– July 8th, Shazza defeated Kimber Lee on RISE Ascent.
– August 31st, Shazza, Madison Eagles & Jessica Troy lost to Yuka Sakazaki, Shoko Nakajima & Miyu Yamashita in the first round of the CHIKARA King of Trios ’18.
– October 19th, Shazza defeated Valentina Loca on RISE Ascent.
– October 21st, Shazza defeated Jinny at SHIMMER 107.
– October 27th, Shazza & Hallowicked lost to The Whisper & Princess KimberLee in the first round of the CHIKARA La Loteria Letal ’18.
– December 1st, Shazza competed in a 3-Way for the Newy Pro Women’s Title.
– February 16, 2019, Ricky South & The Choc Blockers lost to The Four Nations (Jessica Troy, Mick Moretti & Jack Bonza) in the semi-finals of the Newy Pro Invictus Tournament ’19.
– March 11th, Shazza challenged Jordynne Grace for the WSW Women’s Title.
– March 29th, Shazza competed in the RISE of the Contenders Rumble.
– March 30th, Shazza defeated Alisha Edwards at SHIMMER 109.
– March 31st, Shazza challenged Nicole Savoy for the SHIMMER Title.
– April 5th, Shazza defeated Su Yung at SHIMMER 113.
– April 13th, Shazza lost to Leyla Hirsch at CZW Best of the Best 18.
– April 25th, Shazza & Matt Striker competed in the final 3-Way of the NYWC/Outlaw Wrestling King & Queen Tournament.
– May 3rd, Shazza lost to Savanna Stone in the first round of the MTW Making Town Classic Tournament ’19.
– May 11th, Shazza competed in the CHIKARA Infinite Gauntlet.
– May 18th, Shazza challenged Diamante for the QOC Title.
– June 2nd, Shazza challenged Samantha Heights for the Heart of SHIMMER Title.
– June 14th, Shazza lost the PWWA Title to Jessica Troy.
– June 15th, Shazza challenged Ricky South for the Wrestling GO! Silver Medal Title.
– July 20th, Shazza lost to Charli Evans in the semi-finals of the Good Wrestling The Gift of Good Tournament.
– August 31st, Shazza competed in the AEW Casino Battle Royale.
– November 2nd, Shazza lost Jody Threat at SHIMMER 115.
– November 3rd, Shazza won a Scramble match at SHIMMER 117.
– November 6th, Shazza & Shalandra Royal lost to Nyla Rose & Leva Bates on AEW Dark.
– December 7th, Shazza challenged Caveman Ugg for the PWA Heavyweight Title.
– February 22, 2020, The Black Shirt Cool Group (Shazza, Ricky South & Jax Jordan) lost to The Big Rigs (Steph De Lander, HeadHunter Rig & Dazza) in the semi-finals of the Newy Pro Invictus Tournament ’20.
– March 7th, Shazza challenged ASPN for the New Zealand Women’s Title.
– November 7th, Shazza lost to Kyle Fletcher at PWA Black Label Movember to Remember.

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