Impact Report 12/8/20

Dec 8, 2020 - by Scott Porter

KENNY OMEGA, new AEW World Champion will make his first on screen appearance since winning the AEW World Championship from Jon Moxley last week on Dynamite!  Who knows what he and Don Callus have in store.  Stay locked in on this live report for all the up to the minute news from Impact Wrestling.  This promises to be a must read report!

Tonight’s show kicks off with a recap of AEW’s Title Match last week!  This highlight clip shows the events that happened leading to the title change.  AEW’s announcers, including JR are actually featured in the clip.

Josh Mathews promises a live interview tonight with Kenny Omega.

Match 1.  Josh Alexander (with Ethan Page) VS Chris Sabin (with Alex Shelley)

Sabin starts early with some arm drags, making Josh bail the ring and regroup.  Once back in, Shelley continues the advantage.  Finally Josh hits a rolling backbreaker and then lays in the boots.  Ethan Page is on the outside lending encouragement.  Alexander hits a backbreaker for a two count.

Josh hits a big boot off a whip from the corner.  He then ties up Sabin in a armlock on the mat.  Sabin gets to his feet, but Josh just laughs after a few weak punches and hits a snap suplex.   Sabin hits a schoolboy for a count of one.  Then Sabin connects with dragon screw leg whip.  Sabin misses a punt kick to the bailing Alexander, but connects with a dive to the outside.  Page tries to intervein, but Shelley warns him to stay out of it.

Sabin, now back in the ring, hits a back elbow, but goes for a ranna and Josh holds on and turns it into another backbreaker, off his knee.  Nice move!  Sabin hits a high kick to the head, but Josh hits a clothesline in the corner and a suplex.  Sabin shakes it off and hits a drop kick from the top rope and a shinning wizard kick to the head.  Sabin is feeling it now and ready for the kill.

Sabin misses wildly with a clothesline and Josh hits the rip cord.  Page tells him it is time, Page tells him what to do.  Alexander argues he wants to do another move.  Sabin then sneaks up and rolls Page up for the pin.

Winner.  Chris Sabin

Josh is shown with Madison in the broadcast position.  He begins recapping his time with Don Callus over the years.  He then goes over more in depth, the “impact” Callus had on the AEW title change.  Josh says he will ask the hard questions about what happened last week and what does it have to do with Impact Wrestling.. and Don Callus specifically.

Chris Bey finds Moose backstage.  He wants to talk about their tag strategy.  Moose threatens him by saying his fists do the talking.  Bey tells him he may want to talk to him after he wins the Impact Championship this Saturday.

Back from break, we get a clip paid for by AEW Wrestling.  Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone are on the TV.  Schiavone introduces Khan who says they have paid for this time on the broadcast.  Tony says Kenny Omega is there with his blessing, but he is going to have his time on the show too and he is paying for it.  He says his appearance is hopefully helping Impact Wrestling.  His only issue is with how Kenny won the championship from Jon Moxley.  Khan then invites Callus to Dynamite with Omega tomorrow night.  Khan says they will be happy to take care of him at their show.  Khan then goes over his card tomorrow, basically saying his show has the best wrestlers in the business.  He also says maybe he will buy Impact Wrestling.  Schiavone jokes he spent one night at Impact Wrestling and had to quit the business for 18 years.  Khan says he is glad he recovered and is glad he brought him back.  Khan also mentions Sting will be there tomorrow before the clip ends.  Good Stuff here.. Khan is a heel.

Match 2. Brian Myers VS TJP

Josh mentions that Myers is a former WWE wrestler.  Interesting, they are really talking up other promotions.  This show is full of insider stuff this week.

Myers and TJP lock up.  Myers tosses him to the ground.  TJP then outwrestles Myers, flipping him off his feet into the ropes next.  TJP locks on a side headlock.  Myers breaks free, but TJP takes him off his feet and locks a leglock, bridge submission with a neck hold.  Myers gets to the ropes.  TJP flips around a few times, which frustrates Myers.  TJP hits a head scissors for a take down.

Myers finally catches TJP on the top rope and tosses him to the arena floor as we go to break.

TJP regains control quickly with a spring board, crossbody.  He then floats over to hit 3 amigos.  He then climbs to the top, but misses.  Myers then hits a jumping flatliner for a two count.  TJP locks on a leg lock after Myers misses with a clothesline.  Myers gets to the ropes, but his leg is hurt.  Myers then takes a back suplex from TJP.  TJP goes for the Mamba Splash, but Myers lifts his knees.  TJP rolls threw the pain and locks the leglock back on.  Myers uses the ref’s body to break the hold and hits a clothesline for the win.

Winner.  Brian Myers.

TJP looked like his foot was on the ropes… We will see what happens to continue this feud.

The Deaners are shown in the back.  Cody makes Jake promise not to interfere in his match with EY later tonight.

Rohit Raju, the X Division Champion, is backstage making fun of TJP’s loss to Myers.  He tells TJP he is the best X Division Champion ever.  He says he still will have no more shots at his title.  TJP wishes Rohit luck at his final Defeat Rohit Challenge this weekend.

Match 3.  Eric Young (with Joe Doring) VS Cody Deaner (with Cousin Jake)

This match is all about respect for Cody Deaner.  He was EY’s travel companion when he broke into Impact Wrestling.

EY begins the match quickly.  He hits a Death Valley Driver and tosses Cody from the ring.  Cody re-enters with a sunset flip for a one count.  That just makes EY more mad.  EY takes a couple clotheslines from Deaner.  Cody goes to the top, but misses with a flying headbutt.  EY hits the Piledriver… it is over that quick.

Winner EY.

Jake enters to help Cody, but Doring takes him out with a vicious, short arm clothesline.

Rhino enters with a lead pipe and clears the ring.  Doring is held back by EY.  Jake and Cody get to their feet.

Tommy is with Johnny Bravo backstage.  Dreamer is calming him down.  Bravo still wants Larry D to pay for shooting him a few weeks back.  Tommy tells him to relax.  He will take care of it.  Bravo walks off.  Tommy approaches Larry D and Acey Romero.  Larry D says he was set up.  Tommy says he doesn’t care.  Larry challenges Dreamer to a match at Final Resolution.  If he wins, he is free.  If Dreamer wins, then he has to pay for his crimes.  Dreamer agrees.  Larry looks confused and asks how is this possible?  Tommy says he can do whatever he wants.

Tommy enters Scott D’Amore’s office.  Scott says he is confused with Tommy’s decision making, but he says he will not let anything bother him tonight.  Tommy says he is concerned with Callus and Omega being outside in a RV.  Tommy says this type of thing is bad for the locker room.  Scott tells Tommy to take care of the locker room.

Match 4. Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee VS Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie    (1st round tag team tournament match)

This will be a match of two established teams.  Kimber and Purrazzo have only been together a few months, but they have been very successful.  Rosemary and Taya have been a team most of the year.

Deonna and Rosemary will start off for their respective teams.  Purrazzo locks on a arm lock right away, but Rosemary ends that with a choke.  She follows it up with a front facelock, but Deonna reverses that back to another arm bar.  They both tag out.  Valkyrie hits a kick and crossbody right away to Kimber.  Kimber then fights back with some right crosses that back Valkyrie to the corner.  Kimber makes the tag and the two just beat on Taya for a few minutes.  Kimber then ties Taya’s arms back and wraps her legs around her waist. Taya breaks free and hits a clothesline, but Kimber fights it off and makes a tag, not letting Taya get to her corner.

The two work on Taya with more quick tags, kicks and chops.  Taya gets Kimber to the center of the ring and they hit kicks on each other at the same time.  Both make a tag.  Rosemary hits a slingblade, then a suplex.  She gets a two count.  Purrazzo is hurt, but reverses a whip and hits a flatliner.  Kimber hits a jumping neck breaker.  They knock Taya off the apron and work over Rosemary, but Taya returns quickly.

All four are in the ring together.  They are all trading shots and kicks.  Purrazzo hits Kimber on accident.  Rosemary hits a spear and double under hook suplex for the win.

Winners.  Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary.

They will face Hogan and Steelz in the semi finals.

Tenile Dashwood, Kaleb with a K and Alisha Edwards are shown backstage.  Tenile wants to get to work on their tag outfits.  Alisha says she is not a real friend.  They would have helped her when she needed last week when her husband was attacked.  Kaleb says they need to teach Alisha a lesson.  Alisha says she doesn’t have time for them and leaves.

D’Amore is backstage getting yelled at by Knockouts Champion, Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee.  D’Amore shrugs them off by saying don’t worry about the tag belts, go be the singles champion.  He then says she can defend her belt against Rosemary at Final Resolution.

Sami Callahan is shown with his bat in the ring.  He grabs the mic.  He claims to be the highest rated Impact Wrestler on the roster.  He says he is the best in the ring, and on the mic, and has been since day one.  Impact Wrestling needs him.  He doesn’t need Impact Wrestling.  He then brings up the significance of the baseball bat incident with Eddie Edwards.  He then has the footage shown.  He then says Edwards doesn’t learn.  He is going to continue to get his ass beat by Callahan until he retires.  He says he did it again a few weeks ago.  That also got Shamrock suspended.  He then tells them to roll that footage… Alisha Edwards enters.  Edwards warns her no to come in the ring.  Callahan threatens to break her neck.  Alisha says she didn’t come alone.  Eddie Edwards jumps Sami from behind.  He takes Sami down and grabs the bat.  Callahan sneaks under the ring and escapes.

Eddie is shown with Alisha in the back.  Alisha asks Eddie to now help her with her problem.  He agrees and the segment ends.

Match 5.  Chris Bey and Moose (self promoted TNA Champion)  VS Willie Mack and Impact World Champion, Rich Swann

Bey and Moose  are both top contenders for the Impact World Champion.   Bey tags Moose’s back to put himself in the ring with Swann before the match even begins.  Swann and Bey just flip around the ring for the first two minutes.  Their is no possible way to call this action it is so fast.  WOW..  We go to a quick break.

Mack is now in the ring with Moose when we return.  Mack hits a splash in the corner.  Moose strikes with back to back Rock Bottoms.  He then powerbombs Chris Bey onto Mack.  Bey stays in the ring.  Josh and Madison really don’t think Bey liked that move much.  Bey tags Moose back in.  Moose taunts Swann, dragging Mack around by his beard.  He then just punishes Mack with brutal repeated punches.  Moose makes a hard tag to Bey.  Bey hits a leg drop for a one count.  Moose tags himself back in even more violently.  Bey is not enjoying this treatment.  Moose continues to beat on Mack, but Moose gets caught by back to back stunners by Willie.  Swann tags in and gets power-bombed by Moose.  Bey then tags back in.  Swann pump kicks Bey and then takes out Moose.  He rannas Bey next for a two count.  Swann hits a neck breaker and makes the tag.  Mack misses a frog splash.  Bey hits a jumping heal kick.  Mack takes out Bey.  Moose catches Mack and Moose starts dropping MMA type elbows repeatedly to Mack’s face.  Swann makes the save and he and Moose tumble to the outside.  Bey covers Mack for the win.

Winners.  Moose and Chris Bey.

Bey takes momentum into the match with Swann at Final Resolution.

Josh and Madison briefly are shown talking about the momentous interview that will change Impact Wrestling’s future.


Rich Swann is furious because he feels he is the real World Champion and he is not granted access to the area outside where the interview is being conducted in the luxury RV.  Security will not let him pass.  He walks off furious.

Josh is shown on the bus.  He is looking for them when out walks Omega and Callus.  The Cleaner is introduced as “The Real World Champion.”  Callus takes a few minutes to change the name plate on the title belt.  Josh asks how long this plan has been in the works.  Don decides to show the newly titled Kenny Omega name plate.

Callus says this plan was created 27 years ago when the Golden Sheik trained him to be a wrestler.  The Golden Sheik was Kenny Omega’s uncle.   Since then, Don has looked after Kenny, like Kenny’s Uncle, the Sheik looked after him.

Don says he did not come back to wrestling to be a Podcaster, a  NJPW announcer, or an Impact Executive.. It was all part of his plan.  The match that gave birth to AEW was Omega VS Jericho.  Don says he made that happen.  He came back again last week to change the course of wrestling again.  He says they are setting the course of history correct.  Callus says they did this together.  Omega and Callus are there to make history again.

Josh asks Omega directly if last week tarnishes his legacy with Callus handing him a weapon?  Omega responds by asking Josh if he has a father figure?  What would he do if that father figure had his hands laid on him by someone?  Omega says when Moxley laid his hands on the father figure, the architect… He had to defend Don Callus from Jon Moxley.

He then goes on to rattle off how he has the best matches everywhere in every promotion.

He then says he is here in Impact because he can be.  He feels like the old “me” again.  He goes on to explain how he loves comics and collects them.  He wants to possibly collect another title to his collection like his comics.

He then mentions maybe he will do something like the Lex Express.  lol  He then does the goodnight and goodbye kiss to end the show.

One of the best zingers Omega had was referring to Moxley as Ambrose, asking Josh if he met him at season one of Tough Enough.  lol.

Outstanding show.







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