Sting was not satisfied with his WWE run

Dec 5, 2020 - by James Walsh

WrestleTalk reports that one of the reasons that Sting decided to sign with AEW is due to the way he was treated during his run with WWE. While he was presented as a big deal upon his review, he lost both of his major PPV matches and wasn’t used very often. On top of that, WWE never seemed interested in doing a match with the Undertaker, which the Stinger wanted.

Sting’s legends contract expired in May and his merchandise was pulled from the WWE Shop in October. There had been speculation that he would show up at Full Gear but instead it happened this week. Sting decided to join AEW to do “something good” for his fans for his final full-time job in a wrestling company.

As we noted, Sting will be a regular character but isn’t expected to take bumps due to his spinal stenosis.

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  1. Bulldawg says:

    I know it wasn’t “Great” but Diamond Dallas Page got screwed worse.

  2. Bthb says:

    The sting that turned up in wwe obviously wasn’t the same sting we remembered from wcw, even late tna sting was a shadow of his former self, unfortunately in the wrestle mania match he looked like an old man wwe obviously weren’t going to use him at the top of the card, using Goldberg as an example who mostly looks the same, preformed the same and didn’t look totally out of place alongside younger talent

  3. art123guy says:

    @Bulldawg–Yes, Page got pinned up by the Undertaker’s then-wife Sara.

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