CM Punk says Pat McAfee has the best promos in NXT

Dec 4, 2020 - by Marc Middleton

Pat McAfee has received a significant amount of positive feedback from fans online for his recent work in WWE NXT, and now one former WWE Champion has publicly praised McAfee – CM Punk.

Punk took to Twitter this afternoon and said McAfee is not only the best promo on the NXT brand right now, but the best in WWE.

“A lot of it has to do with circumstance, but everyone else on the show(s) should feel embarrassment, and subsequently USE said feeling to better themselves, at the fact that @PatMcAfeeShow is a better promo than everyone on the show(s),” Punk wrote.

Punk also had praise for Rhea Ripley. One fan responded to Punk’s original McAfee tweet and asked what Punk thinks is the ceiling for McAfee is he fully commits himself to wrestling. Punk said there’s no reason for McAfee to fully commit to the sport, adding that he’s already the best thing on NXT not named Ripley.

He wrote, “There’s zero reason for him to fully commit to wrestling. He’s already the best thing on this show not named @RheaRipley_WWE”

Another fan commented that it feels like McAfee hasn’t been “brainwashed to cut promos in a specific manner and tone” like the other talents in NXT.

Punk responded, “Correct. Like I said…circumstances.”

Does Punk watch the weekly NXT show? One fan asked.

“Not always. Need stuff to watch while I’m doing treadmill work,” Punk wrote.

You can see Punk’s full tweets on NXT below:

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