Adam Pearce teases new role for Billie Kay on Smackdown

Dec 4, 2020 - by Marc Middleton

WWE official Adam Pearce is teasing that Billie Kay may become his new assistant.

Kay has been working a new gimmick as of late where she walks around with 8×10 headshots and a resume, trying to land various gigs in the company. We noted last week how Natalya tweeted out a photo of her resume after she tried to land a job on the SmackDown announce team.

Pearce, who is running RAW and SmackDown on camera these days, tweeted this week and teased a possible role for Kay.

He wrote, “It’s been suggested that perhaps I could use an ‘assistant’. You guys know anyone looking for a gig? [thinking emoji]”

Pearce tagged Kay in the tweet and she responded, teasing an angle for tonight’s SmackDown.

She wrote, “Ohhhhh Mr. Pearce!!! [woman raising hand emoji] Updating resume as we speak. I’ll find you tomorrow [thumbs up emoji]”

You can see the related tweets below:

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