Update on the new Impact/AEW partnership

Dec 3, 2020 - by Marc Middleton

As noted, Impact Wrestling executive Don Callis helped Kenny Omega capture the AEW World Title from Jon Moxley on last night’s Dynamite show, apparently kicking off a new partnership between the two companies. This led to a tease for Omega to appear on Tuesday’s Impact, plus several exchanges between AEW and Impact wrestlers.

In an update, the new program between Impact and AEW has been in the works “for a while,” according to Wrestling Observer Radio.

Callis was reportedly the person who pitched the idea to have Omega appear on Impact Wrestling, which will apparently happen next Tuesday night on AXS. We noted before how Impact is promising that fans can get their first look at Omega as champion by tuning in next Tuesday night. Omega is scheduled to give an interview on Impact, and then another interview the next night on Dynamite. There’s no confirmation that Callis will be with him, but it’s likely as Callis is set to perform as Omega’s manager.

There’s still no word on longterm plans for the AEW – Impact partnership, but the two promotions will be working together “to a degree.” It’s likely that top Impact stars will appear on Dynamite soon.

On a related note, while Impact often shows old throwback matches, the airing of the old match between The Young Bucks and The Motor City Machine Guns this week was not a coincidence.

AEW now has working relationships with Impact Wrestling, the NWA, AAA and NJPW.

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  1. Gummo says:

    This is will probably be the only bump in viewership/ratings for Impact in a very long time…emphasis on “probably”.
    I haven’t watched Impact since that American Wolves guy became champion and less exciting wrestlers got signed on along with terrible storylines/matches, and I won’t be tuning in to see a Kenny Omega match there, much less an interview…the guy is just too boring. I don’t understand the hype.

  2. dooman says:

    i never watch impact so i won’t be watching this but at least it has people talking thats always a good thing i guess

  3. Joe A says:

    @Gummo I haven’t liked the goof ever since he did that promo calling the Young Bucks the best tag team in the world and basically sucking them off WHILE he was tag champs and sitting next to Page.

  4. Stonz says:

    I can just about bet that Gummo tunes in to see a Kenny Omega match. Otherwise he would not have made that comment.

  5. April Fangria says:

    It will be interesting to see if AEW signs Tessa Blanchard and does an angle with Impact.

  6. Rob Dam Van! Shirt Typo! says:

    Not sure how people can rag on Impact but then watch AEW lol

  7. Tully says:

    They don’t have a working relationship with NJPW. Gedo is pissed at the Elite and Tony for AEW.

    AEW wrestlers have it in their contracts they can work with NJPW.

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