News and Notes from Triple H’s media call

Dec 3, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Triple H confirms that COVID was a ‘big stance’ in NXT not featuring on Survivor Series this year.

– Triple H on his words that Rhea Ripley’s loss to Charlotte would mean something: “Everything changed. The world changed those plans!”

– Triple H starts the call by saying he needs to talk about Pat Patterson first. “I don’t know if there’s anybody other than Vince who has had a bigger influence on WWE or this industry than Pat Patterson. I don’t know if I’ve come across a better mind in the business in general.”

– While getting ready for the show yesterday, all NXT talent and officials sat in the Capital Wrestling Center and watched Patterson Vs Sgt. Slaughter Alley Fight on the big screens. Triple H says it was like a live event atmosphere as they paid tribute to Pat.

– “Right now it’s hard to plan for next week, let alone next year.” “I do still believe that there are valuable lessons for her to go through to find herself and pick herself up. The Rhea Ripley I watch right now is way better than she was in Jan/Feb. A way better performer.”

– “A-Kid is a phenomenal talent. He’s a young guy that has all the potential in the world and is really just getting started. I’m a huge fan of the NXT UK brand and what its doing. If you haven’t seen it, go watch WALTER Vs Ilja – to me, that’s what the brand is.”

– When asked about the return to live events Triple H says “Wow, if I could answer that question with any accuracy that would be phenomenal.” He says he hopes to see fans as soon as possible, of course.

– “It’s almost bothersome to me a little bit when people say ‘its the greatest women’s division’ …Uh, they’re just awesome. There’s some of the best performers in the world in that group across the board – men or women. Doesn’t matter how you look at it.”

– “Danny Burch is an amazing in-ring performer and can do it all. Performers like him tend to float under the radar because they’re always consistently good, they always deliver, but they always deliver for someone else typically.”

– Triple H says he thinks the Kings of NXT – Pat McAfee, Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan, Danny Burch – will stay together past War Games, “I think something very special is happening there.”

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