Report: Nielsen updates last week’s AEW Dynamite viewership

Dec 2, 2020 - by Marc Middleton

The viewership for the pre-Thanksgiving edition of AEW Dynamite has reportedly changed.

We noted earlier this week that last Wednesday’s Dynamite episode drew 710,000 viewers while WWE NXT drew 712,000 viewers. While AEW won in ratings for the key demographic, NXT topped Dynamite in viewership for the week. The numbers were delayed due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

In an update, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported on Twitter that Nielsen has added to the viewership count for Dynamite, putting them at 712,000 viewers. We were not able to independently verify the update from Nielsen.

“God I can just imagine the insanity this will cause. Neilson’s updated numbers for last Wednesday have AEW Dynamite with 712,000 viewers. This is going to be like people who think Trump won the election,” Meltzer wrote.

If this update is correct, this means that AEW and NXT tied for Week 59 of the Wednesday Night War. AEW previously ranked #64 for the night in viewership, but this means the shows would’ve tied for the #63 spot.

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