12/2/20 MLW Fusion Recap

Dec 2, 2020 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

– This week’s episode begins with Low Ki & Davey Boy Smith Jr. discussing last year’s Opera Cup matchup between the two & their rematch tonight.

– Josef Samael cuts a promo discussing how Contra Unit is getting stronger & tonight they’ll indroduce to the world The Black Hand of Contra, Mads Krügger.

– We see promos from both Laredo Kid & ACH.

Match #1: Opera Cup ’20 Opening Round matchup as ACH defeated Laredo Kid with the Spirit Bomb. ACH will move on to wrestler Filthy Tom Lawlor in semi-finals.

– We see a promo from Filthy Tom Lawlor & he discusses how Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku will establish Team Filthy in the tag team division.

– We see a recap of Mads Kraüger attacking Alex Hammerstone. A promo from The Von Erichs is aired on how they have to keep taking down Contra Unit because they won’t learn.

Match #2: Mads Krügger defeated Ariel Dominguez. After the match other Contra Unit members put Ariel Dominguez in a body bag.

– We see a vignette by Selina de la Renta.

– We see a promo from Richard Holliday and how he dedicated the win against TJP to Alex Hammerstone. He also disrespects former Dynasty member Gino Medina but then he says he’ll win the next round of the Opera Cup to Hammerstone as well.

– Next week The Von Erichs will defend the MLW World Tag Team Titles against Contra Unit (Jacob Fatu & Simon Gotch).

Match #3: Low Ki defeated Davey Boy Smith Jr. with a roll up. He will go on to face Richard Holliday in the semi-finals.

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