Impact Report 12/1/20

Dec 1, 2020 - by Scott Porter

Tonight’s episode hails from the Impact Zone.  The scene is the familiar stage and ring set up.  Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne are once again on the call.

Bob Ryder, the long time internet reporter and Impact Wrestling backstage employee is honored.  He passed away this week.  RIP Bob.  1956-2020.  You will be missed.  He was beloved backstage by the Impact crew.

The show last week is recapped with a highlight package.  What will Callahan and Ken Shamrock do this week?  We will see.

Match 1.  The Motor City Machine Guns VS XXXL

Alex Shelley is back from injury and he and Chris Sabin are back to settle the score with Larry D and Acey Romero.  The Guns jump XXXL from behind to start the match and dump Larry D quickly to the outside.  Acey soon follows him out.  Sabin flies threw the ropes and takes out both.  Shelley lands on Larry D inside off the top rope.  Larry’s alter ego, Lawrence D shot Johnny Bravo at his wedding apparently.  That came out last week in Wrestler’s Court.   It seems rather odd he isn’t in jail.  I’m sure we will find out more on this story as the night goes on.

Larry gets to Acey and makes the tag.  He immediately hits Shelley on the back of the neck.  Shelley has had a history of neck issues.  We will see if this comes into play.  Shelley strikes with side kicks and a boot to the face.  Acey shakes it off and chokes Shelley to the ground.  Sabin enters and doesn’t do any better.  Shelley tags back in and they do a double kick.  Larry comes in for the save and he gets taken out.  Acey recovers and choke slams Sabin on to Shelley.  Sabin gets punched to the ground and Larry D tags in.  Acey doesn’t leave until he takes out not only Shelley, but Sabin as well.

Larry works on Shelley in the corner.  He uses his weight with elbows and short splashes.  Shelley crumbles to the mat and Larry almost gets the three count.  Acey tags in.  XXXL double splash Shelley in the center of the ring.  Acey then hits a body press on Shelley.  Sabin enters and makes the save.  Acey hits a suplex on Shelley, but gets hurt in the exchange.  Larry and Sabin tag in.  Sabin hits several clotheslines and a DDT to get Larry D off his feet.  The MCMGs hit a flatliner.  Larry blocks Sabin and he and Romero hit a tandem back breaker/ elbow drop for a two count.

Sabin takes a choke slam from Acey, but rolls out of the way of a top rope splash from Larry D.  The ring shook from that move.  The Guns hit a drop toe hold, tandem bulldog on Romero as Larry gets to his feet.  Then super kicks to Larry are next.  They then double suplex Acey.  The Guns then hit a neck breaker, tandem splash on Larry D for the three count.

Winners.  The Motor City Machine Guns.

What a great match to open the show.  These two teams are really good and work well together.  The Guns are wanting the Good Brothers.

Josh and Madison set up the show for tonight.  Jazz will make her return to Impact tonight.  Chris Bey VS Willie Mack is on for tonight as well.

Shamrock and Sami Callahan are shown outside the arena in the parking lot.  They start yelling at Scott D’Amore.  D’Amore suspends Shamrock for 30 days for his actions last week.  Shamrock says he will be back.  Sami enters the arena.

Bravo walks up to Larry D and gets choked out by him.  Tommy Dreamer makes the save and says he will arrest Johnny Bravo if he continues to bother Larry D.  Bravo exits.  Tommy tells Larry he is going to be under arrest if he doesn’t come downtown and answer some questions about shooting Bravo a few weeks back.  Larry tells him he isn’t a cop.  Tommy shows his badge.  Acey and Larry then attack Tommy Dreamer and lay him out.  Bravo re-enters and starts screaming his lawyer is getting involved.  Just then he sees Dreamer down and calls for help.

Match 2.  Ladies tag team tournament.  Round 1.  Renee Michelle and Killer Kelly VS Jazz and Jordynne Grace

Jazz shaved her head.  She resembles a female New Jack.  Grace and Kelly start off.  Grace hits a sunset flip to start the match.  The two begin trading roll ups for a few minutes.  Jazz tags in with Renee.  Michelle gets rough housed and cross faced by Jazz.  Jazz makes a quick tags back and forth with Grace.   Michelle takes a lot of punishment.  Grace gets knocked from the apron by Killer Kelly and we go to break.

Grace is still in and taking a beating from Killer Kelly as we return from break.  Kelly is on top of Grace, throwing fists repeatedly to the back and head.  Grace is drug to the corner and Michelle and Kelly trade tags and beat on her.  Kelly takes a desperation spine buster from Grace.  Jazz tags in.  Jazz clotheslines everything in site.  She then floors Kelly with stiff jabs.  She tags Grace back in.  Grace hits several clotheslines.  Kelly no sells the assault and headbutts Grace.   Grace hits a few back elbows.  Kelly takes a Grace Driver for a two count.  Jazz tags back in and Michelle tags in.  Jazz hits a sit out, face plant and gets the win.

Winner.  Jazz and Grace.

Grace and Jazz will face Naveah and Havok in the next round.

Flashback match.. MCMGs Vs the Young Bucks..   Guns retain the Tag Team Championship

The North is shown backstage.  Page is babbling about how everyone loved watching him lose to Swoggle.  He then tells Anderson (to the camera) he took out Gallows.  He then challenges Anderson a match at Final Resolution.  If Page wins, then they must face The North for the tag belts.

Final Resolution is plugged.  The next PPV is set for Friday 12/12/20.

Alisha and Tenille Dashwood are backstage with Kaleb with a K.  Alisha sees Callahan and attacks him out of nowhere.  Tenille looks on and walks away without concern.

Match 3.  Johnny Swinger VS Cody Deaner (with Cousin Jake)

Cody is still upset from a recent loss to Swinger and immediately backs him into a corner, collar and elbow.  Swinger spins around and gets in a few cheap shots.  Deaner chases him out of the corner and punches him to the ground.

Eric Young and Joe Doring hit the ring and take out Deaner and Swinger.  Swinger hoped they would be friends, but that didn’t work out.

EY grabs the mic and says they are the cure for the sickness.  They will win and prevail.  He makes a warning to everyone that everything belongs to he and Doring.

Deonna and Kimber Lee approach Father James Mitchell about taking care of Su Yung.  They says they will find her for Mitchell after he explains she isn’t easy to find.  Purrazzo says she will get her to the ring.  She tells Mitchell to meet her there.

Backstage the Deaners are fit to be tied about the way EY is treating them.  Jake says they need to fix this and get back at EY.  Cody says with all do respect, this is about him.  He explains he and EY were driving partners and friends… they were family.  He screams he is not a nobody and he will not be a treated like one.  He challenges him to a match next week.

Kimber Lee and Deonna Purrazzo head to the ring.  Purrazzo has asked for this time to speak.  She says since Bound For Glory, Su Yung has been haunting them.  She says that will end tonight.  She challenges Su to a match right now.

Su Yung enters.  Deonna expects Father James Mitchell to turn Su Yung back to Suzy.  Enter Su Yung and then Mitchell.

Mitchell tells Su she has been nothing but trouble and a thorn in his side.  He says she will pay for her sins.  A group of zombie bridesmaids enter the arena.  (ok.. this is strange)  The bridesmaids surround the ring and Purrazzo attacks her.  Yung takes her off her feat and Kimber Lee enters and Su scares her off.  Purrazzo chokes Su from behind and then hits a piledriver.  The bridesmaids then carry Su Yung to Father James Mitchell.  The exit the stage.  Purrazzo and Kimber Lee smile a nervous smile as Su is carried off.  Mitchell looks back at them with an gleam in his eye and a creepy laugh.

Chis Bey is approached by Moose backstage.  Bey looks happy to see him.  Moose, as usual, has a scowl on his face.  Moose says he is there show Bey how to have real power.  He then says if he beats Mack tonight and eventually Swann for the Impact World Title, he will be there to use his power and take that title from him.  Bey stands there with little to say.  Bey will be facing Willie Mack tonight!

Anderson responds to Ethan Page in a backstage interview segment.  He accepts the challenge.  He accepts his challenge to show world why Impact Wrestling brought him there.

Match 4. X Division Championship Match.   Crazzy Steve VS Rohit Raju (Champion)

After Steve tricked Rohit last week into thinking he was Suicide, and pinning the champion in a non title match, he is here to win it all in a return match!  Rohit bails the ring after he tried to jump Crazzy Steve from behind.  That quickly backfired and Steve almost pinned him with a school boy rollup.  The two trade reverse waist locks and snap mares for a few mins.

Steve begins biting the arm of Rohit.  Rohit hits a jumping flatliner in defense.  We then go to break.

The Champion was in control during the break.  He is working over Steve in the corner.  He is butchering him with slaps.  Rohit then hits a Fishermen’s Buster Suplex.  He is channeling his frustration into a great game plan.  He hits a snap suplex and gets a two count.  Steve is yelling in pain.  Rohit locks on a reverse arm bar.  Rohit then starts using his feet on Steve.  Steve fights it off and starts “Hulking Up.”  Steve hits a spinning DDT off the top rope, then follows it up with a top rope cross body for a two count.

Rohit counters back with a jumping knee to the face of Crazzy Steve.  Rohit goes for a slam, but Steve slips out and hits backslide.  He then locks on a wicked submission hold.  It was like a crucifix hold of some kind.   Rohit almost had his arm ripped off.  Rohit got to the ropes to save his title.  Steve goes for a crucifix, Rohit’s sits into Steve and grabs the ropes for the count of three.

Winner and still Champion, Rohit Raju

Sasha and Hogan are backstage flashing the money they stole from Fallah.  (Who stole the money from Hernandez)  They admit they stole it, but they claim they don’t have it.  They say they will return it next week.  Swinger walks up and asks if they every heard of the Swingman two for one discount.  The girls leave in disgust.  lol

Crazzy Steve is shown backstage talking to his monkey doll.  TJP is there to give some support.  Brian Myers shows up to gloat over his loss.  TJP says you are good at making jokes before the bell.  TJP challenges him to a match next week.  Myers accepts and walks off.

Impact does a good job of making everyone part of the story even if they are not wrestling on that show.  The other shows could learn from that.

Match 5.  Main Event, Chris Bey VS Willie Mack

Bey looks at Mack not impressed.  The two start off staring at each other.  Mack takes a slap to the face, then knocks Bey off his feet.  Mack chops Bey in the corner.  Mack uses powerful blows to the back of Bey.  Bey tries to use speed to throw Mack off his game, but Mack hits the Thesz Press when Bey crosses the ropes.  The match goes to the outside and Mack hits a backbreaker on the ring apron.  Mack tosses Bey back in the ring.  While down, Bey grabs the leg as Mack tries to re-enter.  Mack stumbles, and Bey jumps to his feet and dropkicks his knee.  Mack crumbles to the apron and we go to break.

Mack is mounting a comeback as we return.  His knee was worked on during the break and that is the story of the match thus far.  Bey ends Mack’s comeback and locks on spinning toe hold.  Mack breaks the hold, but Bey kicks him in the face.  Then he dropkicks the knee again.

Bey locks on a single leg, Boston Crab.  Mack turns to his side and breaks free.  Mack gets to his feet and the two begin trading blows.  Bey keeps going back to the knee whenever he needs an assist.  Mack clotheslines Bey.  They both go down.  After getting to their feet, Mack hits a spinning slam.  He then drops his bad knee on Bey’s face.  He is in pain, but gets a two count on Bey.

Bey blocks a stunner, then hits a Canadian Destroyer for a two count.  Great move.  Bey smells victory.  He goes for a boot, but Willie catches him and hits huge upper cut than set up the stunner for the three count.

Winner .. Willie Mack

Moose immediately hits the ring and attacks Mack.  Swann then runs down and clears Moose from the ring.  Swann stands tall until Chris Bey hits the Art of Finesse (cutter off the top rope) on Swann.  Bey holds up the World Championship as the show ends.  Moose looks on from the ramp….








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