Megan Bayne

Nov 30, 2020 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real Name: Megan Doheny
Date of Birth: June 1, 1998
Hometown: East Haven, Connecticut
Pro Debut: 2018
Trained By: OVW Wrestling School
Finishing Move: Spinebuster


– Megan has used several ring names which include Meg, Megan Monroe, Megan Bayne & her real name.
– February 23, 2019, Megan defended the recently won FTC Women’s Title against Madison Rayne.
– April 10th, Megan defeated Valerie Vermin on OVW TV.
– April 26th, Megan & Valerie Vermin lost to Cali Young & Maria James at OVW Run for the Ropes ’19.
– May 11th, Megan defeated Valerie Vermin at OVW Saturday Night Special.
– May 22nd, Megan defeated Jessie Belle on OVW TV.
– May 29th, Megan defeated Maria James on OVW TV.
– June 1st, Megan defeated Madi Maxx & Cali Young (c) in a 3-Way to win the OVW Women’s Title.
– June 14th, Megan retained the title against Cali Young.
– June 19th, Megan defended the title against Valerie Vermin.
– June 28th, Megan would retain the FTC Women’s Title in a 4-Way Elimination.
– August 28th, Megan retained the OVW Women’s Title against Valerie Vermin.
– September 11th, Megan defended the title against Madison Rayne.
– October 29th, Megan lost the title to Max the Impaler.
– December 10th, Bayne won a Reverse Steel Cage Battle Royal on OVW TV.
– December 11th, Bayne challenged Max the Impaler for the OVW Women’s Title in a Steel Cage.
– January 11, 2020, Bayne competed in the OVW Nightmare Rumble.
– February 18th, Bayne competed in a 5-Way for the OVW Women’s Title.
– February 21st, Bayne competed in a 4-Way at Impact Wrestling/OVW Outbreak.

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