Who does Heyman see as the future of WWE’s Women’s Division

Nov 29, 2020 - by James Walsh

During today’s episode of Talking Smack on the WWE Network, Paul Heyman praised Bianca Belair and said that she was the future of WWE.

He said: “I would be remiss if I don’t also let Bianca know, and I think she knows this quite well, You’re the future of the women’s division and that’s a word that is thrown around here a lot, but you are. You are an athlete with amazing credentials. You bring those credentials and that credibility to WWE. What you do is truly worthy of the tagline ‘the EST of WWE.’ I am in awe of the magnitude of your talent. You know, my feelings about The Street Profits. Those same feelings of admiration are bestowed upon you as well and I think that you know that.”

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