Alberto El Patron’s ex-girlfriend apologizes for assault “mistake”

Nov 28, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

Alberto El Patron’s (Del Rio) ex-girlfriend apologized to him and his family in a post on Instagram, taking back everything she said when in May of this year she called the cops and got the former champ arrested for brutally beating and sexually assaulting her.

Written in Spanish, his ex who has the Instagram username of @reynaq_p said that she apologizes to the Rodriguez family for the damages she caused by her mistakes.

The incident came when El Patron, real name Jose Rodriguez, accused her of being unfaithful and became aggressive when she did not admit her infidelity. The police report states that he slapped her across the head, slapper her again, took her to his downstairs bedroom and slapped her eight more times. She was forced to put on a dress and dance for him, but she refused, prompting him to warn her not to cry or he’d take her son and “drop him off in the middle of the road somewhere.” Rodriguez then allegedly tied the woman’s hands with boxing straps, put a sock in her mouth and sexually assaulted her for several hours, using various objects. According to investigators, he also punched her in the back during the assault, causing visible injuries. The victim told detectives she does not remember much after he placed his hand around her throat.

Rodriguez was eventually charged by the Bear County District Attorney‘s office with one count of aggravated kidnapping and four counts of sexual assault and was awaiting trial. It’s not known if charges were dropped yet.

Meanwhile, his brother Hijo De Dos Caras posted a lengthy message on Instagram saying that after many months, the trashy person who accused his brother admitted that she lied. He said he hopes that those who supported his brother do not turn their back on him because he was just a victim of a greedy person.

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