Shotzi Blackheart: “I dealt with a lot of sexual abuse”

Nov 25, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

During an appearance on Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast, WWE NXT star Shotzi Blackheart talked about sexual abuse:

“I had a pretty rough childhood, to be honest. I bounced around from like, my mom’s to my dad’s and to my friend’s house at a real young age. I dealt with a lot of sexual abuse for like, years. When I finally came out about it – I came out to my middle school counselor – [my uncle] went to jail. He’s still in jail now. But when I came out about it, some of my family didn’t believe me. But my dad really helped me through it, and so did musical theater. That’s why I liked performing so much – it was a big outlet for me. That was my therapy.”

“I know that so many girls deal with this; it’s like a crazy amount. I encourage girls to come to me and talk about it because I’m so open with it.”

“I had to do a lot of therapy afterward. I found like, a really awesome therapist, so that helped a lot. And like I said, performing was always just like therapy in itself. I think I always chased it, so I think wrestling is therapy for me too. I just need it.”

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