Impact Wrestling Report: 11/24/20

Nov 25, 2020 - by Atlee Greene

-Impact Wrestling Report: 11/24/20

Tonight’s Main Event: The World Title is on the line as Rich Swann faces Ken Shamrock after being knocked out by a straight right hand from the UFC & Impact Hall of Famer.

The Show opens with Scott D’Amore standing over a hospitalized John E. Bravo. D’Amore eagerly tells the doctor to pull the plug. The doctor says there is no need for that because Bravo is in stable condition. The doctor says there is a lot of work to do, and if Bravo pulls through, he won’t be the same person. D’Amore promises Bravo justice because tonight, Swinger goes to Wrestler’s Court.

Josh Matthews and Matt Striker are on the call this evening.

-Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament: Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz vs. The Sea Stars (Delmi Exo & Ashley Vox)

Delmi uses her size advantage to out power Kiera early on, gets a small package, and hits a neck breaker for a two count. Ashley tags in, which gives Kiera the opening to also make the tag. Tasha fakes out Ashley with a handshake followed by a kick to the midsection. Ashley rolls up Tasha, delivers a nice dropkick for a two count.

Ashley gets caught with a kick coming off the ropes from Kiera and stuggers into a spinebuster. Matthews and Striker speak to the Sea Stars’ lack of experience by calling them the 16th seed, taking on the 1st seed. Kiera brings Ashley to her corner, blasts her with a running dropkick. Ashley fights back, but Kiera cuts her off with a knee to the stomach.

Ashley comes back with a desperation headbutt that stagers Kiera long enough for her to make the tag. Delmi comes in like a house of fire, knocking down Kiera and Tasha at every turn. Delmi hits a nice northern lights suplex, but Tasha breaks up the pin. Delmi hits a pair of running elbows into the corner and uses an exploder/fall-away slam to throw Kiera into Tasha.

Ashley hits Kiera with a Celtic cross for a near fall. The match breaks into chaos as Tasha pulls Delmi from the apron, slides into the ring, and hits Ashley with a running bulldog. Kiera kicks Ashley out of the ring as Tasha throws Delmi into the ring. Kiera hits Delmi with a rolling fisherman suplex for the win.

Winners: Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz

Jordynne Grace and Jazz are backstage. Grace says Kiera and Tasha might be the team to beat in the tournament. Jazz corrects her and says, “we’re the team to beat.” Jazz confirms she is Grace’s partner in the tournament and can’t think of a better way to retire than on top as Knockouts Tag Team Champions.

Ethan Page finds Josh Alexander and shows him some good news on his phone. Page relishes reading the news that Doc Gallows will be out of action for 4-6 weeks, laughs, and says, “Doc needs a doctor.” Page says someone did them a favor and someone deserves a pat on the back for a job well done. Alexander is not happy with this news and says someone wasn’t thinking because they can’t challenge for the tag team titles with Gallows on the shelf. Page says, “We are going to fix,” with a big smile on his face and leaves the room as Alexander yells, “Who’s we?”

The Deaner’s are escorting the orange prison jumpsuit clad Johnny Swinger, wearing a neck brace, to Wrestler’s Court.

Swinger arrives in Wrestler’s Court and meets his lawyer Madison Rayne, who is described as the only person who kind of likes him. Swinger surveys the courtroom and proclaims, “It’s the best house he ever drew.” Maddison asks Swinger why he’s wearing a neck brace. Swinger replies, “McDevitt told him to wear it for sympathy.”

D’Lo Brown hails from the “Nation of Litigation” and is the prosecutor.

All rise for the honorable Tommy Dreamer as he walks in humming his Alice in Chains theme song does his signature pose, and has difficulty jumping up to secure his seat on the bench.

Madison objects immediately and calls into question Dreamer’s objectivity since he’s the one that accused Swinger of shooting Bravo and conducted the investigation. Dreamer sustains the motion, and D’Lo is now the judge sporting bifocals and a white wig. Madison is not happy with this decision, while Dreamer is now the prosecutor.

Opening Arguments: Dreamer calls Judge D’Lo “Uncle Phil” and says Swinger has the means, motive, and the smoking gun was found in his fanny pack. Madison says while those things might be true, the crime was well thought out and executed by a criminal mastermind. Madison points out that her client is no mastermind.

Swinger calls her remarks a burial and says, “leave the shovel at home.”

Fallah Bahh is the first witness called for the prosecution. Judge D’Lo reminds Fallah that he’s already been sworn in on the latest edition of the PWI 500.

Fallah says Swinger shot Bravo because he was jealous. Bravo chose him as his best man instead of Swinger.

Cody Deaner says what he remembers most about the wedding was a gunshot and found the gun in Swinger’s fanny pack.

Acey Romero proclaims he’s not a fingerprint expert but managed to match Swinger’s prints. Romero also rattles off several other people’s prints he found on the gun, such as Rosemary, Cody Deaner, Tommy Dreamer, Greg Valentine, Brian Pillman, and Ron Simmions. Judge D’Lo replies “DAMN” to the latter.

Swinger asks for permission to approach the bench and gives Judge D’Lo a six-pack of beer, citing ‘It’s your favorite on the road.” D’Lo tells Swinger to sit his ass down. Swinger sits down, leans over to Madison, and says he has a good feeling about this. An exasperated Madison tells Swinger, “I think you’re misreading the room.”

X Division Champion Rohit Raju comes out for the Defeat Rohit Challenge. Raju says he went from chump to champion, refers to himself as the mocha skin manimanimal, and the greatest X Division champion in this lifetime.

Suicide answers the challenge, but Rohit is quick to call shenanigans. Rohit says Suicide isn’t slick, doesn’t deserve a title shot, and now it’s a non-title match.

-X Division Champion Rohit Raju vs. Suicide (non-title)

Rohit works over Suicide in the corner early. Suicide comes back with a couple of arm drags but misses a charge in the corner. Back from the break, Rohit is trying to take the mask off of Suicide to no avail. Rohit hits a snap vertical suplex and follows up with a forearm drop to the jaw. Matthews and Striker allude to TJP possibly being Suicide.

Rohit delivers a body slam and tries again to take off Suicide’s mask. Rohit hits a Russian leg sweep for a two count and hits a big back suplex. Rohit delivers an inside out neck breaker, but Suicide counters a suplex attempt with a Russian leg sweep of his own for a two count. Rohit cuts off Suicide and finally removes the mask.

However, much to everyone’s surprise; it wasn’t TJP under the hood; it was Crazy Steve. TJP’s music hit, and he started walking down the aisle. Crazy Steve rolls up a distracted Rhoit for the 1-2-3. Crazy Steve celebrates with TJP as a dismayed Rohit looks on in the ring.

Winner: Crazy Steve

Sami Callihan is pumping up Ken Shamrock backstage for his world title match. Moose interrupts them and says Shamrock is fighting for the company’s second most prestigious title while holding up his TNA World Title. Moose says it’s a shame he’s not the one fighting Swann and told Shamrock that he will come after him next once he wins.

Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K were taking some pictures while trying on glasses backstage. Alisha Edwards arrives and asks Dashwood about teaming up again. Dashwood tells Alisha to get the hint, Alisha keeps insisting, which leads to Dashwood contemplating the offer.

-Kimber Lee w/ Deonna Purrazzo vs. Killer Kelly w/ Renee Michelle

This is Killer Kelly’s Impact debut. Kelly and Lee go at it for a bit while trading moves back and forth. Kelly shows a lot of intensity until Lee cut her off with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and follows up with a Swanton off the top rope for the win.

Winner: Kimber Lee

Susie came out and told Purrazzo and Lee that they hurt her friends, and her friend is going to hurt them. The lights turned off, and Su Yung came to the ring and sent Purrazzo and Lee running scared. Some editing was done to make it look like Young and Susie were standing next to each other on the ramp.

Motor City Machine Guns Interview. Alex Shelley shows his neck brace and says he is cleared for in-ring action. Sabin says they haven’t forgotten what XXXL did to them and are also going after The North and The Good Brothers.

Rich Swann meets Willie Mack in the locker room. Swann said he’s sorry he couldn’t help Mack with Moose. Mack said it was ok, he’s not feeling sorry for himself, and he’s been fighting all his life. Chris Bey interrupts telling Mack to step out so he can talk to Swann. Swann and Mack are not hearing that. Bey makes his case for a future title shot if Swann gets past Shamrock. Bey calls Mack a loser, causing Swann and Mack to get mad, and Bey leaves before things worsen for him.

Ethan Page and Josh Alexander come to the ring for “The Phenomenal Challenge.” Karl Anderson comes out next, puts over his accolades, and accuses Ethan Page of attacking Doc Gallows. Anderson says if Page can beat his “Phenomenal Choice” of an opponent, The North will get another title shot.

AJ Styles’s old music and tron video play as Ethan Pages looks on in concern until he sees who emerges on the ramp. Swoggle comes to the ring impersonating AJ Styles and wearing lime green P1 gear. Anderson dubbed Swoggle “The Weenomenal One.”

-Swoggle w/ Karl Anderson vs. “All Ego” Ethan Page w/ Josh Alexander

Ethan Page does not take this challenge seriously at all. Page makes fun of his height, and Swoggle took control in the early going. Alexander trips up  Swoggle allowing Page to gain control for a little bit. Swoggle bites Page in the thigh, Anderson cuts off Alexander’s interference. Page is distracted by Anderson, which allows Swoggle to roll him up for the win.

Winner: Swoggle

Page did not look to be in a good place after the match as Matt Striker said The North is unraveling before our eyes.

We’re back in Wrestler’s Court. Dreamer asks Swinger if he thinks he can get away with it. Swinger replies that he’s on top of his game, has a shoe deal, and is he’s OJ Simpson of professional wrestling. A baffled Dreamer asks Swinger how long has it been since he’s read a newspaper. Swinger replies, “1995, daddy.”

Swinger says despite all of the cheating, Dreamer has to know he would never shoot anyone. Dreamer calls Father James Mitchell to the stand, who talked about his degrees and the magical properties of virgin blood.

Rosemary takes the stand and says she’s known Bravo for eternity. Dreamer gets personal with his line of questioning, which gets Rosemary to admit she never loved Bravo. All Rosemary wanted was Bravo’s virgin blood because of how powerful it would have been on their wedding night.

“YOU B&%$#,” Bravo yells, returning at the perfect time, still wearing his hospital gown and IV tubes. Bravo says as much as he hates Rosemary, she didn’t shoot him. Dreamer pulls on Bravo’s line green catheter and asks how he knows who shot him since it was dark. Bravo says he couldn’t see them, but he could smell him.

Larry D is hooked up to a lie detector back from the commercial and says he didn’t shoot Bravo. Dreamer sprays Larry D with a magical purple…something, and Larry D’s alter-ego, Lawrence D, appears and admits to shooting Bravo because Rosemary is the love of his life. Judge D’Lo declares Swinger not guilty, and that is the end of that.

Fallah Bahh vs. Daivari

There was not a lot to this match. Both men exchange shots for a few seconds until Joe Doering and Eric Young run in and take out both wrestlers.

Winner: No Contest

Young cuts a promo claiming he’s the cure for Impact Wrestling until Rhino runs down, but the two on one advantage was too much. Young concluded by saying the world belongs to them. What could that mean?

Backstage: Swoggle, dressed as AJ Styles, says Crazy Steve looks ridiculous dressed as Suicide. TJP comes in and tells Crazy Steve he earned an X Division title shot with his win tonight. Brian Myers walked in and made fun of all three of them, saying this is not the Impact Wrestling he signed up for.

We come back from a commercial, and Purrazzo and Kimber Lee find James Mitchell and ask for help dealing with Su Yung. Mitchell offers his services for a “price.”

-Impact Wrestling World Championship: Rich Swann (c) vs. Ken Shamrock w/ Sami Callihan

Callihan interferes in the opening moments of the match and gets ejected from ringside. Shamrock drops Swann with an overhand right to the back of the head. Swann comes back with a couple of dropkicks, but Shamrock catches him off a crossbody and drives Swann’s head into the turnbuckle. They are playing up Shamrock’s size and strength advantage over Swann.

Swann can’t get Shamrock off his feet as Shamrock kicks him away at every turn. Swann fights back but Shamrock lays him out with a knee to the face. Shamrock works over Swann with plotting kicks. Shamrock gets a guillotine choke and transitions into a front face lock. Swann battles up and throws a multitude of strikes. Shamrock is rocked but still won’t go down.

Swann goes for a clothesline, but Shamrock cuts him off with a boot to the midsection. Swann comes back with two spinning wheel kicks and drops him with a third. Swann follows up with rolling thunder for a near fall. Swann hits a sunset flip, but Shamrock counters with an armbar. Swann escapes and hits a frog splash for another near fall. Shamrock catches a kick from Swann and applies the Ankle Lock. Swann rolls through for an escape. Shamrock gets the rear-naked choke, and Swann rolls over for the pin.

Winner and still Impact World Champion: Rich Swann

Shamrock drops the referee with a punch to the stomach. Callihan makes his way back to the ring and hits Swann with a package piledriver. Callihan is about to hit Swann with the baseball bat until Eddie Edwards runs in to make the save. Callihan and Shamrock stop Edwards and tie him up in the ropes using medical tape. Callihan calls his shot and hits Edwards in the eye with a baseball bat. Josh Matthews calls back to the bat incident from a couple of years ago as blood flows from Edwards’s head. Officials try to break it up with D’Lo Brown getting pummeled by Shamrock for his troubles. The show ends with no one able to stop the carnage of Shamrock and Callihan.

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