AEW Dynamite Report 11/25/20

Nov 25, 2020 - by Scott Porter

Jim Ross, Tony Shiavone, and Xcalibur are once again on the call for this week’s Holiday edition.

Match 1 Adam Page VS John Silver (and the Dark Order)

Silver is shown doing a silly promo backstage.  We cut to the ring where the and Page trade headlocks and arm twists.  Page slams Silver off an Irish Whip.   Silver hits a drop kick as soon as he gets up.  Silver poses with Page, but Page sucker punches Silver for his trouble.  Adam then chops Silver to the corner and lays in a few more once there.  Silver ducks and hits a few of his own, only to take a few more chops from Page.   Page then hits a high backdrop.

Silver attempts to annoy Page by slapping his backside.  Page isn’t amused.  Silver hits a crossbody off the second rope.  Page is becoming frustrated.  Page hits a chop, but Silver connects with a knee to the midsection and a few Yes kicks.  Page stand out only to get hit with a running back elbow off the ropes for a quick two count.

Page and Silver start exchanging strong style punches.  Silver slips around the waist, and hits a snap dragon suplex.  Hangman recovers and hits a clothesline.  Page then hits a sliding lariat on the mat for a two count.  This match is very competitive.  Page takes another knee to the face, but catches Silver who tried another crossbody and hits a Samoan Drop.  Page then connects on a reverse, standing moonsault for a two count.

Page goes to the outside to set up the Buckshot, but Silver catches him with a ranna as he enters and gets two count.  Silver then hits a suplex and then a brainbuster for another two count!  Silver is shocked by the last kickout.  JR mentions he may be the breakout start of the Dark Order.

Silver goes back to the Yes kicks.  Page tells him to keep going.  Page tears Silvers head off with a clothesline, then hits a Liger Bomb.   This sets up the Buckshot Lariat for the win.

Winner.  Hangman, Adam Page

The Dark Order come to the ring.  Uno tells him they are not there attack him.  He understands his pain with the Elite.  He then says they are there for him.  Page looks on and nods as Uno says you know where to find us.

Kenny Omega is interviewed backstage.  Omega is clearly back to being the Cleaner.  He spends most of the interview telling everyone that he and Moxley are the so called best in the world.  He is now back where he belongs at the top of the card.  He then asks Moxley to leave the garbage wrestling at home when they meet in their upcoming match.  He challenges Moxley to meet him to sign the contract tonight in the ring.  He is very cocky in the interview and even says his dad could beat up his dad in a fight.

Another Darby Allin vignette airs next.  He is burning a car in the distance.  He painted on it, Survive if I let you…

Match 2.  Powerhouse Hobbs (with Taz) VS  Lee Johnson

Taz joins the announce team for the match.  Hobbs pounces on Johnson and then tosses him from the ring immediately.  Hobbs then starts yelling at Billy Gunn and his sons on the outside.  John is then sent to the ring barricade, head over heals.  Back in the ring, Hobbs hits a powerslam for the win.

Winner Powerhouse Hobbs

This match was over before it started.  It was a squash match to make Hobbs look like a killer.   Taz joins Hobbs in the ring.  He tells Hobbs to go celebrate in the back.  Taz stays in the ring and tells AEW management he is tired the FTW title not being recognized.  He says he is not leaving the ring until management tells him why the belt is not being respected.  His mic is cut off.  He then tells the ring side announcer  to bring him his mic.  He starts yelling at management again until they cut that mic off for a second time.  Cody then finally comes out.  He asks Taz if he is done.  He tells him next week it is he and Allin VS Starks and Hobbs.  Taz says that is not what this is about.  It is about the FTW belt.  Taz is cussing and saying are you going to fire me?  Cody says if you are so good, why is your son (Hook) training with him and not Taz?   Taz then goes to leave, saying you just went too far,  but then turns back around and starts choking out Cody.  The Gunns come to Cody’s aid from ringside, along with Dustin.  Hook comes into the ring and leaves with his father, Taz.  Cody sells the choke well, as we go to break.

Eddie Kingston is interviewed backstage about the return of the Death Triangle.  Kingston says he is fine with Penta and Rey leaving his family.  He starts to expand on the match they are setting up with the Butcher and The Blade, when in walks John Moxley.  Kingston laughs and said it wasn’t him.  (Who attacked Moxley last week.)  Moxley looks at Kingston nose to nose.  Then he walks away.  Kingston ends the interview talking to himself about Moxley trying to mess up his sway…

Match 3.  Top Flight VS TH2 

Angelico and Darius Martin start off for their respective teams.  Dante Martin and Jack Evans will do their best to wait on the outside, but these two teams have began quite the rivalry the last few weeks.  TH2 feel they have become an afterthought and the new fresh faces in Top Flight are not going to just walk past them in the rankings without a fight.

The two teams start off scientifically with arm drags and twists to begin the match.  Darius hits another arm drag and tags Dante in.  The two begin hitting chain tandem moves.  You can tell they were trained by the Motor City Machine Guns.  Dante eventually misses a drop kick.  Evans tags in and hits a leg lariat.  We go to break.

Back from break, we see Dante hit a spin kick on Evans.  Evans and Angelico had been in control for the mins during the commercials.  Dante tags in and takes out Angelico, who tumbles to the arena floor.  From there he turns to Evans and gets a two count off a top rope drop kick.  Evans recovers and hits a cartwheel back elbow, but it is in Top Flights corner and Dante helps out his brother from the outside.  Dante hits a powerbomb on Evans.  Angelico makes the save.  Darius and Dante take to the air on the outside.  They drag Evans back in the ring and Dante hits a giant Frog Splash for a two count.  (sloppy cover)  Evans hits a back elbow moonsault, then a tandem moonsault for a two count.  Angelico tries for a buckle bomb, but that gets reversed by Dante for a roll up, two count.

Evans takes out Dante on the outside.  Angelico takes out Dante with a spinning leg lock that was one like I have never seen, and taps out.

The Young Bucks come in to try and stop Angelico from breaking the leg of Dante.

Winners.  TH2

The Bucks help Top Flight to their feet.

Nyla Rose and Vicki are backstage.  Vicki complains about Brandi Rhodes.  She says she helps her friends too much, but based on the recent backstage beatings she has took, it is backfiring.

FTR is backstage with Tully Blanchard.  They say just because The Bucks beat them once, they are not the best.  It is there destiny to be World Champions, in the words of Tully.  They say they will be back.

Match 4.  SCU VS Chris Jericho and Jake Hager (with the entire Inner Circle)

This is the first time we see the entire new Inner Circle together at a match.

Daniels starts off the match with Jericho.  This is the first time these two vets have ever faced off in the ring.  That is crazy.  Daniels hits a arm drag.  Then Jericho hits a shoulder block.  Then Daniels hits a kick and several punches with Frankie in the corner.  Frankie tags in.  Daniels is very proud of his work as he exits.  Jericho pokes Frankie’s eyes and Hager tags in and just ambushes Frankie.  Jericho and Hager tag in and out, pounding on Kazarian in the corner.  Frankie keeps trying to fight out, but he is outmatched for several minutes.  Once he sneaks away and tags out, Daniels gets the better of Hager until Santana grabs his leg on the outside.  Hager capitalizes and hits a vicious spinebuster.   He then tosses Daniels out to the Inner Circle as we go to break…. They all lay in the boots on the outside.

Once back, JR tells us Daniels has been totally dominated the last few minutes.  Hager is laying boots to the ribs of Daniels.  Jericho tags in again.  He and Jericho trade blows.  Daniels hits a neckbreaker and makes the tag.  Frankie dropkicks Hager out to the ring apron but not on the floor, then clotheslines Jericho and hits a version of the Famouser on Hager, who was draped over the second rope.  Cool move set right here…

After a slam and legdrop off the second rope, Frankie gets a two count on Jericho.  Frankie then fights off the entire Inner Circle on the outside.  Daniels stomps Jericho from the top rope and then hits a dive over the ropes to the outside on Hager.  Daniels then climbs the ropes and hits a crossbody for a two count.  Jericho then hits a back elbow, and Hager levels him.   Daniels recovers and hits a diving Flatliner off the 2nd rope.  He then hits the BME, but Jericho breaks up the count.  MJF hits Daniels with the fist, (and ring) from the outside.  Jericho then hits the Judas Effect, and Hager makes the pin.

Winners…. Jericho and Hager  

The Inner Circle celebrate in the ring.  Kazarian punches MJF and the rest of the Inner Circle then lay into him for hitting MJF.  Scorpio Sky runs out with a chair and makes the save.

Kip Sabin and Mero debut there video game segment.   Orange Cassidy walks in and turns off the console.  They then get attacked by Best Friends.  The cameraman gets knocked to the ground so we don’t see how this ends.

Up next is the contract signing for Omega and Moxley.  Tony is in the ring announcing the segment.

Omega comes out first, to a annoyingly long introduction.    Once he finally hits the set, Moxley attacks him from behind.  He beats him all the way to the ring.  He taunts Omega with the belt.  Then hits a Paradigm Shift, with Omega’s head landing on the belt.  Moxley then grabs the mic and says whoever you hired to take him out did a piss pour job.  Now he says they are even.  He tells Omega the only way he wins is if he becomes what everyone says he was.  Moxley says he loves this match.. and he is coming for him.  Moxley signs the contract.  He then shakes the scared hand of Tony and exits.

The Inner Circle are backstage.  MJF is still screaming about being sucker punched by Frankie Kazarian.  Jericho says he is going to make Frankie famous next week.  He is challenging Frankie to a one on one match.

Match 5.   Anna Jay (with Tay Conte)  VS Hirku Shida (AEW World Womens Championship)

Anna Jay is part of the Dark Order and Silver comes out with a few other members.  Conte is not part of the Dark Order, but is best friends with Anna.  We will see how that comes into play.

The two meet in the center of the ring and begin pushing each other.  They don’t get along.  Anna looks to lock on the Queenslayer.  Shida slips out.  Shida hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker and running drop kick.  The match goes to the outside and Anna uses the barricade as a weapon and then the ring apron.  We then go to break.

Jay hits a spin kick to Shida, who was hung up on the top rope.  Anna tries to get a chair from Conte, who doesn’t want her friend to use it.  The referee breaks that up, but Jay is handed a kendo stick from Silver while the ref has his back turned.  She uses it on the knee of Shida.  She then locks on the Queenslayer.  Shida breaks free and goes for a suplex, but Anna reverses mid air and lands on Shida and gets the slowest 2 count I’ve seen in a long while.

Shida hits a German on gets a two count.  Shida then hits the running knee to the face and gets the three count.

Winner… Shida

Anna is consoled by Tay on the outside.  Shida celebrates her win.  Just then Abadon crawls out, dripping blood everywhere.  Shida drops the belt in fear and stumbles back.   Abadon slithers to the title and picks it up and licks it.  Shida looks mortified.

Backstage we see the now, Iconic Matt Hardy.  He is wearing a suit and telling us how important he is.  He cuts a heel promo downplaying everyone (even the fans) because he is incredible.

Ricky Starks is backstage with Hobbs and Cage.  Starks talks down Cody.  He said bringing up Taz’s son made this personal.  Next week he and Hobbs are going to take out Allin and Cody.  Brian Cage tried to say a few things.  He is better with a mouth piece.  Starks is great on the mic.

Match 6.  The Butcher and The Blade (with Eddie Kingston and The Bunny) VS Rey Fenix and Pac (with Penta)

Kingston joins the announce team.  The match starts on the stage.  This should be a crazy brawl.  Butcher beals Fenix into the ring.  Pac slams Blade into the barricade and attacks Butcher from behind.  Fenix and Pac go to the air on the outside.

Once back, in Butcher hits a crossbody on Pac.  Blade hits a dropkick to the head of Pac.  Blade stomps Pac down in the corner.  Kingston downplays the departure from his group.

Fenix enters and locks on a hammer lock and tags in Pac.  Pac hurls Blade into the corner.  Pac quiets the crowd and the two begin strong style collision in the center of the ring.  Fenix enters to gain an advantage, but The Butcher follows and ends that.  Butcher then tries to toss Fenix from the ring, but fails and gets hit with a superkick.  Butcher doesn’t go down.   Fenix runs the ropes and leaps the second and tries to take Butcher off his feet, but Butcher just holds his ground and Fenix crumbles to the mat.  Pac jumps Butcher and connects with a thrust kick that takes him off his feet finally.

Back from break, Pac is in control over Blade in the ring.  Kingston is fantastic at the announce table as always.  Whatever he does is can’t miss.

Fenix tags in, but Blade Hot Shot’s him (Eddie Gilbert style, as Kingston says so eloquently.)   Butcher jumps in and starts dropping knees.  Butcher gets a two count.  Tony asks Kingston if Gilbert is his inspiration.  Fenix and Blade block each others moves for a few seconds, but hits a back spring cutter off the ropes.  Pac tags in and takes Butcher off the ring apron and hits several versions of thrust kicks to The Blade.  Pac then hits a single leg, basement dropkick, then a northern lights suplex.

Pac climbs the ropes for the Black Arrow.  Blade rolls away and hits a power slam on Pac.  Butcher tags in and stalks Pac.  He hits the big lariat for a two count.  Blade and Butcher start double teaming Pac.  Blade hits a doctor bomb, Fenix makes the save from out of nowhere.  Blade is unsteady, but first to his feet.  He hits a back elbow, but Pac runs the ropes and Fenix makes the tag off his back.   Pac baseball slides under a punch, stands and hits a superkick, the sends Blade into Fenix who lays in a kick to the back of the leg.

Kingston sprints to the ring, sensing the end is near. The ref doesn’t see him interfere on behalf of his team.  Butcher takes out Penta on the outside and renters the ring.  Blade recovers and they double team Fenix with a vicious neck breaker and get the pin.

Winners.  Butcher and the Blade.

Kingston dances around the ring gloating.  Butcher and the Blade stand tall and take a few cheap shots on the Death Triangle.  Bunny grabs a chair and brings it to Kingston.  Kingston then DDT’s Pac twice on the chair.  Butcher and Blade work on Fenix.   Lance Archer hits the ring and takes out Kingston and Butcher and the Blade.  He eventually gets Kingston alone, but Kingston slips under the ropes without taking too much punishment.  This is setting up a match between Archer and Kingston.

The show ends.







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