Nineteen Year Old Wrestler Cameron Wellington Dies Due To COVID-19

Nov 23, 2020 - by James Walsh

The Daily Mail reports that Cameron Wellington, a nineteen-year-old wrestler from Walsall who was training with Pro Wrestling Live, has passed away due to COVID-19. He tested positive last Tuesday, November 17 and died two days later.

According to the report, Wellington was described a “fit and healthy” teenager. After he was diagnosed Tuesday, he was rushed to Walsall Manor Hospital in Birmingham, England, due to his rapid issues with his breathing. She dropped him off and promised to pick him up when he was looked over. But an hour later, doctors called to say his oxygen levels dropped severely and he “wasn’t expected to last an hour.” He was put on dialysis and into the ICU. After an operation on his lungs, he was sent to Glenfield Hospital in Leicster for a heart operation. However it was shortly after that that he passed. His parents, Jane and Norman, were with him when he died. He also have five siblings: Rebecca, Ryan, Logan, Lucy and Mia.

His mother said in a statement: “The whole situation has come as a massive shock to us. Cam was overweight but he was fit and otherwise healthy. My husband was diagnosed with Covid last Monday. Both Cameron and I then developed symptoms and tested positive the following day. At first Cam had a cough, but his condition quickly got worse. Cam was adamant he was fine but I could tell – the color was draining from him. I called the doctor who advised I take him to A&E at the Manor Hospital. I drove him there on Wednesday evening and gave him a note to pass to the staff as, by that point, he was too breathless to speak. I told him I’d see him again soon and I went home to Mossley. But within an hour I had another call – Cam’s oxygen levels had plummeted to ten per-cent. He was put on oxygen and placed into a coma in ITU. The hospital told us they didn’t think he’d last an hour. He did – he battled back – they put him on dialysis and his oxygen levels started to pick back up. Because of his age they wanted to give him a real chance. His lungs were operated on – they were really trying to keep him alive. He was then sent up to Glenfield Hospital in Leicester for more specialist care. In the early hours of Thursday he had another operation, this time on his heart. At 9.20am we had a Skype call from the hospital, they showed us Cameron on the screen and advised us to head up to the hospital. They allowed us to go in and sit with him. We had to wear protective suits, masks, hats, gloves and vizors. We spent a few hours with him before he passed away at 2.50pm. We as a family are totally heartbroken and yet immensely proud of him. He put up a massive fight. Before lockdown he was in talks to travel to Japan for his wrestling. He had a cracking career ahead of him and he was a hugely talented artist. He was good at every single thing he turned his hand to. We as a family are now coming to terms with what happened.”

His father added: “He was a bubbly, bright, happy person. Everyone warmed to him. He loved wrestling with a passion. He started doing it when he was 12 or 13 so quite a few years ago. He worked his way up through the junior class and into the senior class. I just want him back.”

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