Edge backstage at the 2020 Survivor Series

Nov 23, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

WWE Hall of Famer Edge was backstage at the Survivor Series last night according to PWInsider, his first time back since he got injured in his match against Randy Orton after WrestleMania.

Edge, like many who appeared on screen to honor Taker, has quite a history with The Undertaker, being part of the Ministry of Darkness and then having a feud over the World Heavyweight title, even headlining WrestleMania 24 together. The Rated-R Superstar did not show up on television though as his on-screen comeback is being saved to when he’s cleared to return to the ring.

Several WWE legends were backstage at the show last night for Taker’s final farewell, many of whom got their own entrance during the show. Everyone involved had a hectic time backstage as WWE producers were trying to film as much content as possible for future WWE Network documentaries and series.

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