Blue Meanie talks about how WWF’s infamous Invasion angle

Nov 22, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

“It would have been great if WWE just helped keep ECW afloat and never go out of business and then slowly, through the transition of power, somehow without the public knowing, ingratiate ECW to WWE because people knew ECW was out of business. Other people have tried to buy it too. Some people tried to buy it before WWE got it, but if they could just have acquired it somehow and eventually have ECW invade WWE without–it takes away the illusion when the company that raged against the machine was now part of the machine. ECW was this rebellious promotion. Screw WWE! Screw WCW! We’re ECW! It’s hard to do that when you’re part of WWE. With the WCW stuff, they didn’t have a lot of the heavy hitters. They were still under contract with AOL Time Warner. They just wanted to ride out those contracts, and I don’t blame them. You’re getting paid to sit home, recoup, and let all of your injuries heal. You’re getting paid to heal up at home; why not? But yeah, it could have been done away a lot better.”

source: Wrestling Inc.

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