“Victoria” Lisa Marie Varon Reflects on Undertaker Getting Emotional at his Wedding

Nov 21, 2020 - by James Walsh

The Wrestling Inc. Daily recently interviewed former, WWE Women’s and Impact Wrestling Knockouts champion Lisa Marie Varon, who discussed her relationship with The Undertaker and what it was like going to his wedding. Below are some highlights.

Lisa Marie Varon on The Undertaker and going to his wedding with Michelle McCool: “Of course, when you’re new, you’re always on tiptoes, and you’re like, ‘Can I joke around with this legend?’ You’re working with all these legends, and I was there long enough where I can make jokes and stuff like that. I went to their wedding, him to Michelle’s [McCool] wedding. It was very small, maybe 30-40 people, and he got emotional.

“And I was like, ‘Your whole gimmick now, with The Undertaker, has crumbled in front of my eyes,’ but I used to say, I think people were shocked backstage because we would watch by Gorilla, not live, but there’s a screen, the monitor, we can watch the show. And so back in our day, we’re not allowed to leave the building. You watch every match. Even if you already wrestled, you don’t leave. It’s disrespectful to them, people that are working hard for the main event. So you should be supporting your co-workers. Right before a match, I go, ‘Hey Taker, you’re not doing the Old School spot are you, or should I take it out of my match?’ And he would go, ‘You’d probably get a bigger pop.’ We got to know each other very well. He’s actually a funny guy. It’s just you’re intimidated because of this whole character, and he’s a big man. He’s a great guy. Perfect for Michelle. They make a great couple. So happy for her.”

Her thoughts on The Undertaker’s Final Farewell: “Of course, I don’t want to see him retire, and wrestlers should not say retire because you never know when you’re gonna see our ugly faces back. But his body, you got to take care of your body, and your family and start thinking, ‘I got to be able to walk and take care of myself.’ He’s been doing it forever. My personal opinion — I know nothing. I’m so out of the loop. I really don’t know anything.

“I had to find out about Thea [Trinidad / Zelina Vega) from Melina… I just want him to do what [makes him] happy. Of course, I want to see him still wrestle because no one is Undertaker. There’s no one that could compare and draw that much of a crowd and still get the biggest pop of the night, and he’s old school. It’s people’s childhood watching him do this for so long, but you got to think about ‘how how long can I do this for? I got to really listen to my body,’ and a lot of us don’t listen to our body. We still work through injuries and not be able to turn your neck and stuff like that. And it’s sad when you see some of the legends like backstage, and they’re walking like this (Varon shows an example to host Nick Hausman). You’re like, ‘Ooh, how do they turn it on so quick when they go out there?’ I did not know they’re so beat up.”

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