11/18/20 MLW Fusion Recap

Nov 19, 2020 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

The episode opens up with a video package with the history of MLW & the takeover of Contra Unit.

Match #1 – Alex Hammerstone defeated Dugan with the Pendulum Nightmare

*After the match Hammerstone cuts a promo on Jacob Fatu by challenging him for the MLW World Title.

* A promo airs that shows Lio Rush is arriving soon.

Match #2 – Myron Reed defeated Brian Pillman Jr. to retain the MLW World Middleweight Title.

* After the match Reed cuts a promo on Lio Rush by challenging him.

* Next was a promo by Los Parks cutting a promo on Contra Unit & saying they want the the titles in MLW.

* Josef Samael cuts a promo stating that everyone should be aware of the silence in the shadows. Fatu cuts a promo on MLW & how he will take out Davey Boy Smith Jr.

* Konnan cuts a promo on Salina de la Renta for helping Contra Unit with all the video feeds they’ve aired in the last year.

* We see a video package for the returning Opera Cup. The participants & first matches will include:

– Tom Lawlor vs. Rocky Romero
– Laredo Kid vs. ACH
– Low Ki vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.
– Richard Holliday vs. TJP

The alternates will be Gino Medina, King Mo, Dominic Garrini, Daga, Jordan Oliver & Hijo de L.A. Park.

* Davey Boy Smith Jr. is interviewed by Alicia Atout about his title match tonight.

* We see a video package of Calvin Tankman arriving next week on MLW Fusion. Also packages of Richard Holliday saying he wishes he could be here on the Restart but he is stuck in the Caribbean & the Von Erichs are psyched for the Restart.

* MLW Fusion on Thanksgiving will be next week & the first match of the 2020 Opera Cup will be Filthy Tom Lawlor vs. Rocky Romero.

Match #3 – Jacob Fatu defends the MLW World Heavyweight Title against Davey Boy Smith Jr.

* After the match Fatu cuts a promo on Hammerstone saying he doesn’t want any of this. Hammerstone comes out and is attacked by the black hand of Contra Unit.

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