Nyla Rose Takes Sledgehammer to Jaguar In Wild New Trailer By Director X

Nov 18, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck


TMZ Sports has obtained AEW’s explosive new trailer — featuring Nyla Rose using a sledgehammer to smash the living hell out of a Jaguar … and it’s AWESOME!

The trailer was put together by legendary music video and movie director, Director X — who’s worked with every major artist you’ve ever heard of from Jay-Z to Rihanna to Kanye, Bieber to Drake … even Ariana Grande, One Direction and Korn!

Director X tells TMZ Sports the goal is to show how AEW is “smashing the status quo” — and what better way to than to give Nyla Rose a sledgehammer and let her tee off!

FYI, Rose is the first transgender wrestler signed to a major wrestling promotion — and Director X tells us he was so moved by her story, it became an obvious decision to open the video with Nyla’s glass-shattering scene.

“I mean it just felt right,” Director X tells us … “It’s by far the most dramatic scene. She has one of the most dramatic stories you know what I’m saying? Like it’s a big, big deal.”

Director X says empowering women like Nyla says a lot about AEW and how they’re taking pro wrestling to the next level.

The trailer also features Cody and Brandi Rhodes, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks and more … explaining how they launched a brand new successful wrestling promotion against all odds. The ultimate underdog story.

The video also celebrates the 1 year anniversary of “AEW Dynamite” — the #1 wrestling show on Wednesday nights on TNT.

“We’re boundless in our ability to grow,” Cody says … “We’re boundless in our talent.”

Brandi adds, “We’re living literally our best lives and we just got started! If that’s Year 1, what does the rest of it look like?!”

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