Review of Young Bucks Autobiography

Nov 17, 2020 - by staff

by Alan Wojcik

“Love them or hate them, this book is great and will top “best-of” lists in 2020. ”

The most popular and often controversial tag team in wrestling; The Young Bucks, have dominated social media for years with their Being the Elite series on Youtube. Now NICK and MATT JACKSON (Massie) have taken the obvious next step and put their lives into book form. The end result is KILLING THE BUSINESS: FROM THE BACKYARDS TO THE BIG LEAGUES ($27.99, 304pp, Dey St).

There is no ghostwriter here kids, the book is 100% written by the brothers. In fact they alternate chapters in the storytelling, nine for Nick and nine for Matt. There is nothing off limits in this book. The brothers take you through their Christian upbringing in California and how they got into watching then eventually doing backyard wrestling. You will meet their parents and siblings plus how each met their respective wives. People who are wanting to become professional wrestlers or are already in training need to read this because Nick and Matt talk about their struggles to initially get bookings. Living in California sometimes is a detriment not a blessing.

Once they get going in the business the stories all the fans want to hear about are covered like their time in TNA Wrestling as Generation Me, the handshake incident with Booker T & RVD, becoming members of the New Japan roster as members of Bullet Club and meeting friends like Brandon Cutler, Kenny Omega, Kevin “Steen” Owens and their merchandise godfather Sami “El Generico” Sayn. The evolution of the brother’s merchandise is a great story into itself, especially now knowing who was sending out their t-shirts in the budding days of their career.

The best story is how the brothers and Kenny Omega became known as The Elite and how close the trio came to signing with World Wrestling Entertainment before joining Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling which currently airs Wednesdays on TNT. I have reported on wrestling since 2001 and the story behind it is one of the best I have ever covered. Love them or hate them, this book is great and will top “best-of” lists in 2020.

Pick this book up as a Christmas gift at in-person and online retailers. Thanks to Brittani Hilles and Heidi Richter of Harper Collins for the opportunity to review this book. For more on Alan Wojcik, and

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