Reby Hardy not pleased with an Email Jim Cornette read on his show

Nov 15, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Reby Hardy is not pleased with an Email Jim Cornette read on his show that was sent in by someone who knew a crew member who worked on “The Elite deletion” at Full Gear. The email said:

“I live in Pinehurst, NC and a friend of mine worked the production. She said they had over 300 people working the production. She said the cost for the production was beyond anything she had ever seen. Rule #1 was for no one to speak to Reby Hardy unless you spoke to them and don’t park any production trucks or vehicles near her car which was pink.

Reby filmed a scene where she played piano everyone was made to wait outside the building when she was filming except the camera operators and apparently this took forever and everyone was just standing around waiting. From there they brought Sammy and Matt out to start filming my friend thought he was 16 years old(Referring to Sammy).He was the nicest person on set.”

Cornette replied on his show today by saying “I read the email and we reviewed the match. Shes upset that it presented her in an unflattering way from the writer of the email. I did not present the email though as if it was gospel truth. I’ve always been a fan of Matt Hardy’s work but he’s over here calling me “Toxic”. I think the one who drank the “toxic” kool-aid is Matt who’s trying to be cool for the young kids.

Instead of doing backyard independent cinema film level movie scenes. It’s like a bunch of kids getting together to do a low budget movie instead of being a professional wrestling organization. Him and Jericho are legitimate name stars that don’t have to do this s***. That’s what’s toxic to me.

She thinks she was the focus of the email which she was not. We established that it was not. But Reby we do apologize if you took this too seriously to heart. We were only trying to criticize Matt doing one of the s***** things in the history of pro wrestling. You were just collateral damage. But after Brandi’s promo on AEW this week and the way Reby is coming off on Twitter I wouldn’t mind a mic battle between them”

Reby has found the production member who sent the email and is taking care of it with “swiftness”.

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