Jim Herd Discusses How Jim Crockett’s Booking “Aggravated” Ted Turner

Nov 14, 2020 - by staff

Conrad Thompson interviewed former WCW Executive Vice President Jim Herd for a new series on AdFreeShows. During the interview, Herd brought up how former NWA president Jim Crockett Jr. aggravated Ted Turner with his approach to booking and business.

Here’s what Herd had to say about the situation (via Fightful):

“Jim Crockett was supposed to work for me, but it’s kind of a split personality deal. He wanted to be in charge of the wrestling matches and I was going to be in charge of the money and the business. His penchant for run-ins and stuff aggravated the hell out of the Turner. When Turner pulls the trigger, he pulls the trigger. So, I had to go to Crockett and say, ‘Look, from here on out, you work for me. You pass everything that happens in that ring by me before we do it.’ Of course, Crockett took umbrage to that and our relationship deteriorated, not from a personal point of view, I like him, he was an honest guy. We just had different ways to run the business, so we parted ways. He was bought out by Turner and off we go. His brother David worked for me for years, traveling and setting up rings. Nice guy.”

The full interview between Herd and Thompson, which also includes discussion on whether Herd really considered turning Ric Flair into Spartacus, is available at the AdFreeShows Patreon.

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