Undertaker Does Not Want to Prolong His Career Via Cinematic Matches

Nov 12, 2020 - by James Walsh

The Undertaker is still saying that he’s done with wrestling. In an interview with The New York Post, Undertaker said that while he is still training to keep healthy, he has no interest in wrestling again, even through cinematic matches. Here are highlights:

On if he’s training: “It’s like, are you training? That’s the question I get, ‘are you training? Well yeah, I’m training. ‘Yeah, you training?’ I’m not training that way. I’m not training to get ready for a match. I’m just working out. I’m just training trying to stay healthy.”

On realizing he’s done: “I realized I have taken every physical gift, tool that I have and have used it up. There’s no water left in the sponge, if I can use that analogy. I’ve rung everything I could get out of that sponge.”

On possibly extending career with cinematic matches: “It really doesn’t appeal to me because basically what it is, is working around my limitations. It’s capitalizing on some of my ability and some of my creative ability to tell a story but basically it’s trying to mask some of the lack of my physical abilities at this point.”

On why he didn’t retire sooner: “If Vince feels like there’s still something there, I have a place on the roster, then I had no problem doing it. That’s where the internet and all that stuff kind of show up, ‘Just let him retire, just let him do this, let him do that.’ I’m a grown man. I can walk away anytime I want.”

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