Source: “Shaq wants to do wrestling”

Nov 12, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Dave Meltzer had this to say on Shaq coming into AEW:

“Shaq wants to do wrestling and knows Cody Rhodes name from watching his father at some point. This is the kind of thing AEW needs to do. AEW they have an audience but they’re not growing. Everything else has fallen but AEW has stayed steady during this period.

They need that breakthrough because let’s be honest most people don’t know what AEW is. People who know and watch seem to like it. A guy like Shaq or Mike Tyson the Tyson thing fell through are the things that they look at to add more eyeballs on their show and make new fans. The product itself though I think most people would find it exciting to watch but most don’t know it exists.

Only negative behind it is that it won’t get as much mainstream pub as it would 20 years ago. The idea of a celebrity doing fake wrestling isn’t new news since it’s been done so many times now.”

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